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11 Effective, Old-School Ways To Meet Your Next SO

In times when dating apps are a dime a dozen, it's easy to get caught up in the habit of meeting a potential partner others virtually rather than in person. Although it's super convenient, it takes away from the "love at first sight" feeling that couple of yore have talked about. That's why those looking for love should consider some of the old-fashioned ways couple met that we should bring back.

Think of the ways that your parents or grandparents met. Now, how different is it when you compare their way to what sparked your last relationship? It's different, right? But when everyone is attached ot their phones, how do you meeting a possible SO off the screen?

In an interview with, best-selling author and dating coach Rachel Greenwald said, those looking to meet others can use several different strategies by asking friends and relatives to set you up, trying speed dating and matchmaking, and by joining new clubs and groups that interest you.

Or, just put the phone down. Talk to others rather than being glued to your cell phone as a safety clutch when it comes to finding a date, or when you're in a social setting where you don't know many people.

So, interested in finding love the old-fashioned way? Here are a few classic ways couples met that singletons should try to bring back.


Build A Bond At Work

According to eHarmony, dating a coworker allows you to see his or her strengths and weaknesses in a non-dating environment, and you can see how they handle stress and treat their peers.


Connect At A Concert

According to Glamour, you can meet others at concerts by asking them to take a picture for you, or bet with others what the next song will be. Even if you're with friends, be open to mingling with others who already share a common favorite with you.


Say Hi At The Gym

According to a study by the dating service featured in Women's Health, 62 percent of singles in a survey of 1,500 members think the gym is a good place to find love. So whether you're filling up your water bottle or testing out a new exercise machine, don't be afraid to spark up conversation.


Mingle On Vacation

According to, it's smart to try to plan an interactive vacation where there's plenty of things to do with others, even those you don't know. You never know who you'll meet when abroad and what kind of memories you'll make together.


Take A Class

Whether you're taking a college night class after work or a seminar to learn a new skill, introduce yourself to those around you. Starting by making small talk is a good way to establish a connection. Additionally, thanks to the website Meetup, you can find nearby events to go to with people who share your same interests.


Buy A Drink At The Bar

According to The Date Report, buying a drink is a good way to strike up conversation with a stranger. The site also noted that, when at a bar, you should stay off of your phone and go out on a weeknight when bars are less packed. These will up your chances of meeting someone special.


Ask Friends To Set You Up

According to Psychology Today, 40 percent of couples met through friends in 1990, but then fell to 30 percent in 2009 due to online dating apps. Try to bring that number back up by asking your friends if they know someone single.


Allow Your Family To Play Matchmaker

They say that family knows you the best. In an interview with Chicago Tribune, Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction, said it's a big deal when someone who cares about you tries to set you up. Ford noted that having your friends or family play matchmaker for you is good because you're hearing about someone from a trusted source.

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Talk To Strangers At Weddings

What's a more perfect environment for finding love than a wedding, especially at a singles table? According to The Washington Post, it's easier to ask someone to dance at a wedding than a club, and you can find a couple who wants to introduce you to people you don't already know.


Spot Someone On The Commute

After a long work day it's understandable that you may want some quiet alone time. However, your mood could also turn around by meeting a friendly stranger on the way home. According to research by behavioral scientists Nicholas Epley and Juliana Schroeder as reported in Business Insider, mingling with strangers during commutes can improve your well-being.


Find Someone From Your Small Town

While many people move to cities to find jobs, some opt to stay in their smaller hometowns. According to The New York Times, less densely populated areas promote marriages. Next time you visit home, ask mom if she knows of any singles ready to mingle.