11 Old-Fashioned Expressions Of Love 2017 Needs

When I was a kid, I always imagined myself getting all dressed up in a beautiful dress, nice heels, and a badass trench coat to hit my first date with my crush. I pictured us going to a nice restaurant, followed by a night of dancing, and then going home to call my friends and talk about it. This expectation probably stemmed from my being raised in the 90s, but if you ask me, this definitely wasn’t a bad expectation to have. Due to this though, I’m always flashing back to the old-school gesture we should bring back now and am left praying that someone makes it cool to have manners again.

No matter how old I get, I will always appreciate someone calling me after a date or even properly asking me on a date. Though these gestures seem automatic, nowadays, it’s uncommon and even seen as uncool to some. What I wish people knew though, is that bringing back those small yet effective gestures that made so many women swoon can still have the same positive outcome now as they did back then. People like to feel good and nice gestures provide that.

So, if you’re interested in bringing that old thang back, try reviving these 11 old-school gestures and see how great they are.

1. Walking To The Door To Pick Up Your Date

One gesture that has died down over the years is walking to the door to pick up your date, Cosmopolitan noted. Instead of honking the horn or rushing outside when you see the headlights through the window, have your date take it old-school and actually pick you up.

2. Writing Love Letters

According to Glamour, the revival of writing love letters is something that’s needed, too. Back in the day, there was something magical about receiving a love letter. Bringing this gesture back would help revive the traditional form of love.

3. Having Conversations Without Touching Your Phone

Elite Daily noted that giving someone your undivided attention is a necessary gesture. Since smartphones and smartwatches have become a regular at dinner tables and during times with friends, getting back to having that intimate time with one another would be very appreciated.

4. Going To A Drive-In

Though having a Netflix and Chill session has become the norm amongst many, taking it back to the days of hitting up a drive-in for the new release is so needed. There’s something so retro and loving about the drive-in, so if you can find one near your area, try hitting it up the next time you want to go to the movies.

5. Dressing Up For A Date

One thing I’ve always wanted to do is get fully dressed up for a date. To me, getting dressed up reminds me of the couples I would see on my favorite TV shows that went out for a night on the town to live it up together. Furthermore, getting all dressed up makes you feel good about yourself. So, why not do it together?

6. Asking Someone Out

Gone are the days of directly asking someone out on a date. The kind gesture has been replaced with “let’s hang,” “when you wanna chill,” or “are you up?” Reverting back to the times of intentionally pursuing someone would be an incredible for everyone to experience.

7. Holding Hands In Public

I’m not sure what it is about PDA that keeps millennial lovers straying away from it, but this old-school gesture is very important. Holding hands with your significant other shows that you’re not afraid of being intimate with them. It’s also a solid display of love and is one that makes you feel loved, too.

8. Bringing Flowers Or Candy To A Date

According to Thought Catalog, bringing flowers to a date needs to reappear into today’s society. Though people give or receive flowers regularly when you’ve been dating for some time, placing it back into the initial equation of dating is a way to show that you’re interested and proves that you care enough about them to get something that they like.

9. Buying Meaningful Gifts

Though you don’t need to shower your partner with lavish gifts every day of the week, sporadically picking up a gift that you know means something to them is a top gesture of the past that needs to reappear, Elite Daily noted. Small, meaningful gifts shows your partner — or even your friend — know that you care about them and think of them often.

10. Sharing Your Feelings Without Reservations

Nowadays, being open and honest about your feelings is something that is rarely seen.

Regardless of what the reason may be, taking a page from the book of the old-school and expressing yourself better, is something that needs to come back. When you share your feelings without reservation, it shows the person you’re doing it with that you don’t care how you look as long as you’re being honest.

11. Giving Flowers Just Because

Although I think giving flowers on a first date is an amazing gesture to bring back, giving flowers out just because is a good one, too. Flowers are not meant to be given out just for a “special occasion.” Truth is, you don’t need a reason to do something nice for someone you love. Be open to giving beautiful things a little more freely.