11 Overnight Tricks For Waking Up With Better Skin

One of the worst feelings in the world is going to bed with clean skin and waking up with a not-so-clear complexion. As women, we have to take extra caution when it comes to our skin. Though I know this, finding the right routine or overnight tricks for waking up with better skin can be difficult.

Back when I was in college, I had the worst experience with the dermatologist. I was having a breakout from stress and poor dieting, so I went to the dermatologist to get help. I walked out with a morning and a night ointment for my skin that was supposed to fix my issue within three months. Unfortunately though, after three days, the night ointment had burned my skin and left my cheeks, chin, and jaws so much darker than my complexion. I was devastated and my self-esteem definitely took a hit. Since then, I've vowed to take care of my skin and find the best routine to both keep my skin clear and lighten up the dark areas on my face. My mother would always tell me that your face should always be what you take pride in because that's usually what people see first. Now, after trial and error, I've found the right remedies to cure my skin and keep my melanin glowing like rays of sunshine every morning when I wake up.

If you're looking for ways to boost your skin's natural glow or new ways to keep it healthy, these 11 tricks will help you get, grab, and keep your life together even when you're having a skin frenzy.


Use A One-Step Makeup Remover

Everyone been too tired from a night of partying to clean their face, but leaving your makeup on can do some serious damage to your skin. According to Women's Health magazine, using a one-step makeup remover that both removes the makeup and cleans your skin is a great way to reduce your beauty regimen time.

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Wash Your Face

Though it sounds simple, washing your face before bed can improve your skin's glow in the morning by removing dirt and impurities from your day.

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Establish A Nightly Skincare Routine wrote that establishing a nightly skincare routine and sticking to it will not only help control your breakouts, but also give you the best results.


Sleep On Your Back

According to Prevention sleeping on your back can prevent breakouts. Why? Well, your pillowcase carries the oils and dirt from your hair, so placing your face against it each night can be damaging to your skin.


Apply A Spot Treatment

Everyone has a habit of wanting to pick at the pimples that appear in our face, but that can put more bacteria on the infected area. Instead, use a spot treatment to decrease or remove the pimple is the best way to go according to

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Apply Tea Tree Oil

Got a surprise pimple before bed? Beauty and Tips suggests trying a spot of tea tree oil to your pimple to help diminish and make it disappear overnight!

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Apply Aloe Vera

According to, applying aloe vera to your skin at night can help rid you of acne quickly.


Use A Toner

Having a clean face before bed is important, but Stylecaster wrote that having a good toner will help bring your skin back into balance and restore it to its peak condition.

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Sleep With A Humidifier In Your Room

While this may not sound like an overnight trick, keeping a humidifier in your room will help add moisture and freshness to your skin for the morning according to Beauty and Tips.


Use An Overnight Mask

Being that your skin goes through more cellular repair while you're sleeping, Women's Health magazine using an overnight mask can help treat, hydrate, and boost your skin's glow.


Get The Full Eight Hours

Sleeping gives your body the the ability to function properly and balances your skin, according to Cosmopolitan.