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11 Panthers Memes For Broncos Fans To Fire You Up Before The Super Bowl

I'm gonna be honest for a second. As soon as the Patriots got knocked out of the Super Bowl, my interest in watching the game faded. (If I don’t get to root for Tom Brady to lose, what am I even doing here?) Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be watching. There’s Beyonce. There are commercials. There are hysterical memes all over the place. Specifically, there are Panthers memes for Broncos fans. Because let’s be honest, did Panthers fans even exist before this year? Yeah, they’ve had a good season. (Not an undefeated season though. Thank you, Falcons. We owe you.) But the Carolina team didn't seem to have such a strong following until they became contenders for Super Bowl 50. And for that fact alone, they must be mocked.

Whether you’re a Peyton fan till the day you die, or you’d really just like to see the Panthers bite it in the Bowl, it's time for football fans to unite and stock up on the glorious memes that hit Panthers' fans where it hurts. Because there’s a Panthers “fan” in every crowd, isn’t there? And chances are high that you’re going to need a few funnies to get you through the game, or to throw at the high and mighty (fair weather) Panther fans. So wipe the hot wing sauce off your fingers, and get to scrolling.


Carolina Fan?

Funny how these Panthers fans just came outta nowhere, isn't it?


RIP Undefeated Season

Thank you, Falcons. Thank you.


Fairweather Fans

Oh, so that's where all these Panthers fans came from.


Panthers Offense

Has anyone seen the Panthers offense?


Panthers Fans

What's that? You've never won a Super Bowl?


Photobomb Or Carolina?

Sad Cam Newton is sad.


Their QB Is Not The Real Superman

Compare this face to the Panthers fans around you.


Forest Gump Says

If Forrest Gump says it, it must be true.


I Don't Always Throw Laterals...

Not that anyone's keeping track...


Bandwagon Fans

I see you jumping on that Newton bandwagon.


All On Cam

Just one. Just the one.