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These 11 Photos Of Malia & Sasha Obama Prove They're Truly #SisterGoals

It's hard to believe it's been almost four years since the Obamas have been in the White House. Amongst so many things many people miss about that era, chief among them might just be the first daughters and their unbelievable journey. Indeed, from the Oval Office to red carpets to international travels, these photos of Malia and Sasha Obama prove that their sisterhood truly stands the test of time.

The Obama sisters have been a subject of worldwide fascination for just under half of their lives. And though they've both grown up — Malia took a gap year after high school, and has since enrolled at Harvard University; Sasha graduated from high school this spring, though her plans for the future are not yet public knowledge — and have moved on from life in the White House, it's been hard to totally say goodbye to them.

Either way, these are two girls who have been raised by two pretty incredible parents, and they've seen more in their teen years than most people do in their entire lives. Between foreign policy, incredible trips abroad, lavish events and, of course, good old time spent with mom and dad, these are sisters who have been together through it all, and these photos are proof of their incredible bond.

Hanging On The Steps With Dad

Before Barack Obama was president, he was simply dad to Malia and Sasha. In this photo above, they're seen sitting on the steps outside what could either be their home or an office, laughing, talking and relaxing, as Sasha perches on her father's lap.

Traveling To Venice Together

Being first daughters come with some perks. And travel is one of them. In this photo, which Michelle Obama posted on Instagram, she and her daughters are peering over a "water cab" in Venice, Italy, where the roads are all waterways.

Looking Amazing Outside The White House

While their father was still in office, Sasha and Malia posed outside the White House in early spring (you can tell by the blossoming tree D.C. is famous for in the background) along with their parents and two dogs. Needless to say, the two look absolutely perfect, and über stylish, as anyone would guess.

Just Being Little Girls

Before they were public figures, Sasha and Malia were just little girls cuddling on the couch with their parents.

Saying "Hi" To Dad At The Office

In this super sweet old family photo, Sasha is once again seen sitting on her dad's lap, while Malia looks over, and Michelle gives him a kiss. It seems to be his office just prior to being elected for president, in the background rests a portrait of Martin Luther King and an American Flag painted onto a wooden canvas.

Visiting The Great Wall Of China

It's no surprise that Malia and Sasha are exceptionally well-traveled for their age. However, it is amazing to see just how far they've gone. In this photo, which Barack posted for Mother's Day, the girls are seen hugging their mother a few years ago, with the Great Wall of China casually in the background.

Rocking Winter Wear With Mom & Dad

Before they were international style icons, they were just rocking their knit beanies with their parents, trying to stay warm in the winter.

Watching TV & Eating Snacks Like Everyone Else

The Obama's official White House Instagram posted this candid photo of the family having snacks and watching TV together, as any family would do. Of course, upon closer inspection you'll realize that they are, indeed, sitting in the White House... which is a bit more luxurious than "average," but hey.

Looking Gorgeous At An Event

Posing with their parents, Sasha and Malia really started to let their style preferences shine with these two gorgeous gowns they wore.

Casually Strolling Down The Red Carpet

In this photo, Malia takes the lead, holding up her gown as her sister and mother follow her down the red carpet, seemingly at the White House during Christmastime.

Taking A Good Old Family Vacation

The Obamas... they're just like us.