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11 Phrases Every '90s Cool Girl Said If Her Vocab Was So All That

Let's get one thing straight before you read too far into this— I was not a '90s cool girl. I was a '90s girl, yes, but during that decade I was largely oblivious to what it meant to be popular or otherwise cool. These phrases, nonetheless, somehow crept their way into my vocabulary, despite my lack of "it" factor. I hadn't even seen Clueless till well after the fact, when the '90s were making a comeback. That fact in itself is a testament to how far reaching these phrases every '90s cool girl said really were.

To the '90s girl, shows like Saved By the Bell andFull House, as well as movies like 10 Things I Hate About You and Clueless, were the building blocks for their social structure. Just like snap bracelets, tube tops, inflatable furniture, and metallic eyeliner, they were essential to being a cool girl in the coolest decade.

If you grew up in the '90s, seeing these phrases will be like reading excerpts from your Lisa Frank diary. I can almost guarantee that one or two of them made their way into your daily conversation, be in the in hallways at school, or at home telling your mom to just bug off already.


"As If"

This phrase was the capstone of every '90s girl's vocabulary, used as a more PG way to say "hell no." Do you like that boy? As if! Did you get your homework done tonight? As if! Do you regret wearing a bright yellow plaid suit? AS IF.


"Wigging Out"

The equivalent of freaking out, essentially. For example: "I told my teacher I forgot my homework at home and she totally wigged out."



"She was all...and then I was all..." Remember the days before "like" entered the scene? I'm all "those were the good days".


"Cut. It. Out.

Complete with hand signals so you can really make your point.


"I'm Outty"

Thank you, Alicia Silverstone, for coining yet another phrase that we couldn't live without. Because just saying "bye guys" definitely wouldn't cut it.



Get the picture? Duh.



Meaning very or much. You have mad skills. You're mad attractive. Because using the word to mean angry would just be absurd.


"You Go, Girl"

Said as a form of encouragement or a way to express a general consensus with someone.


"No Duh"

This was the ultimate expression of attitude. Beware the sarcastic wrath of an upset '90s teen.



Any one of these tricky words was used to negate whatever was said before it. "Of course your blue eyeliner looks good...Psyche!"


"Oh Snap"

Said to express your shock or disbelief of a situation. Also can be used to flawlessly punctuate a situation rendering everyone else speechless.


"Talk To The Hand"

This was the ultimate shade to the '90s cool girl. It's the equivalent to our "aint nobody got time for that" but if you ask me, has just the right amount of sass.