11 Pies That Resemble Your Favorite Desserts, Because Life Is Too Short To Not Mix Your Sweets

by Shannon Fiedler

Turkey might be the headliner at Thanksgiving dinner, but let’s be honest, it’s the pies that steal the show.Nothing quite takes you out of your tryptophane torpor like that dessert sugar high that comes from sampling every single flavor, as any true Thanksgiving warrior will do. 

You’ve got all of your classics, and you can’t go wrong with a pumpkin, pecan, or apple variety. But why not try something a bit out of the ordinary this year and whip up a pie that resembles one of your favorite desserts? Think about it. A scrumptious dessert that, while still true to the traditional Thanksgiving pie form, also utilizes the flavors of your most-loved candies and baked goods — could it get any more delicious? Everything from store-bought cookies to candies can be transformed to a filling that’s sandwiched between a flaky crust.

Sure, put out a pumpkin pie for good measure. But while Grandpa snoozes in front of the football game and the kids get excited for their first visit from The Elf on the Shelf, also try serving some of these alternative pies that’ll wow everyone’s taste buds. And consider wearing your most spacious pair of sweatpants — you’ll want extra room for seconds. 


S’mores Pie

Just because it’s no longer summer doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a campfire classic. With a graham cracker crust, gooey chocolate filling and golden marshmallow top, Pastry Affair’s s’mores pie is basically a giant, round s’more and —best of all — there’s no risk of burning yourself while toasting your marshmallows. 


Nutter Butter Pie

Remember Nutter Butters? Of course you do, because they are amazing. Cookies and Cups’ nutter butter pie uses this lunchbox favorite cookie as the crust of the pie. Um, yum! Also, if you’re not a fan of the Nutter Butter, or are baking for someone with nut allergies, you can substitute with any cookie you want. The possibilities are endless.


Root Beer Float Pie

Tap into your inner ‘50s poodle-skirt-wearing, parlor-shop-going teenager with Cookies and Cups’ root beer float pie. This will definitely be the most original dessert at the party, and sure to win over the taste buds of everyone from toddlers to grandparents.


Chocolate Banana Cream Pie

Keeping with the soda-shop theme, this dessert is like a banana split in pie form. And instead of messy, melty ice cream, the Simple Sweet Life’s chocolate banana cream pie  is filled with creamy vanilla and chocolate pudding. Plus, there’s fruit in it, so that makes it totally healthy, right?


Gingerbread Cookie Pie

Thanksgiving, for better or for worse, is not only its own holiday anymore but also the harbinger of the Christmas season. So make it a smooth transition by serving A Cozy Kitchen’s gingerbread cookie pie. And the best part is, there’s no architect required — you can get the joy of gingerbread without having to assemble a whole confectionary home.


Butterfinger Pie

Putting out a bowl of fun-sized Butterfingers isn’t exactly the prettiest dessert for your holiday celebration, but that doesn’t mean your guests don’t actually want some candy. Serving Cookies and Cups’ Butterfinger pie is a great way to satisfy those cravings while still keeping up the holiday appearance. (Feel free to use any leftover Halloween candy your kids may have — don’t worry, we won’t tell.)


Candy Pie

If your candy cravings are super intense, and just Butterfingers won’t cut it for you, you can also try Cookies and Cups’ full-on candy pie. It’s like a trick-or-treat bag exploded into a pie of awesomeness.


Caramel Apple Pie

This one has the advantage of looking like the most perfect, traditional Thanksgiving dessert ever, which will definitely make your holiday Instagram look like a photo from Better Homes & Gardens. But following Your Cup of Cake’s recipe and adding caramel to apple pie amps up your dessert game and harkens back to a childhood favorite: candy apples.


Frozen Samoa Pie

I have a total weakness when it comes to Girl Scout Cookies (what’s the maximum number of boxes I can buy?), and the Samoa is my hands-down favorite. So while it might be strange to put a box of Samoa’s out on the dining room table and call it dessert, you can definitely serve My Baking Addiction’s frozen Samoa pie. Everyone will thank you.


Brownie Pie

This pie is the answer to all of your chocolate prayers. With a rich chocolate filling and a fudgey frosting, Cookies and Cups’ brownie pie combines two of the best desserts into one, incredible, chocolate dream.


Peanut Butter Oreo Ice Cream Pie

Just the name of this pie will have your mouth watering. Peanut butter, good. Oreos, good. Ice cream, good. Pie, good. Cookie Monster Cooking’s peanut butter Oreo ice cream pie? The best!

Images: Courtesy of My Baking Addiction; Pastry Affair; Cookies and Cups (5); Simple Sweet Life; A Cozy Kitchen; Your Cup of Cake; Cookie Monster Cooking