11 Plus Size Summer Fashion "Rules" You Never Have To Follow

I love summer. I love the change in the weather, outdoor festivals, and the expectations of summer getaways. Of course there's one thing that beats all of this, a new summer wardrobe. I didn't always feel this way. Growing up, I wondered why were plus size women only offered the three basic shades of white, black, and tan pedal pushers, while smaller sizes had an array of choices with vivid prints and colored shorts. Why were there so many plus size summer fashion rules? Why was my wardrobe possibilities limited due to the lack of plus size clothing options? Fast forward to today and you will find a different type of girl. I now take pride in breaking those rules of what not to wear and not following any of those plus size summer fashion rules.

And this summer is the best time to bend the supposed rules. This summer, there are a wide range of fashion trends to inspire. From the psychedelic prints and fringe of the ‘70s to new edgy leather looks, there are a lot of trends to take advantage of. And with some tips from fellow plus size bloggers, beauties, and everyday cuties, you can rock these trends and break the summer fashion "rules" for plus size girl.


Stay Away From Bold Prints

Go for bold prints this summer, preferably one in a light and airy fabric. The fabric will bring movement to the print and elevate your statue and style.


Stay Away From White Jeans And All White Outfits.

White on white is now the plus size girl favorite look. Rocking all white is actually very bold and speak volumes in confidence. You can pair the all white look with any color for a hot summer vibe.


Never Wear Pastels

Plus size women can rock the muted colors of mint, pink, and lilac beyond the bridal section. Pastel colors creates softness and style to any look.


Say No To Crop Tops

This flirty crop with destructive boyfriend jeans hits the for summer dates.


Head To Toe Prints Are A No.

Go ahead a wear head to toe print. Plus a set like this can easily be broken up into three additional looks for versatility.


Stick To One Trend

Trying out the '70s trend with layers of leather, suede, fringe and crochet created this fun look that's spot on for summer festival season.


Stay Away From Short Dresses

Show it all off. Summer is made for short dresses. Why should we melt under long garbs of fabric?


Bikinis Are Not For Plus Size Women

Bikinis are made for the plus size bodies and with fun options like the high waist bottoms, swim skirts, and board shorts mixing and matching pieces to create a signature style is what summer trends are all about.


Never Wear Your Arms Out

Show off your arms and be the summer goddess you are. The soft draping and simple cut of A halter dress will turn all heads at any summer occasion.


You Can't Bare Your Shoulders

Baring a little shoulder is not hard with the right bra. Proper fit is always key.

Don't let the misfits of rule markers shun away your summer style. Find your plus size spirit, be inspired and be fly AF.