11 Reasons To Have Sex, Even If You Are Tired

It's the end of another long day. Your brain is ringing with the noises of tasks you had to leave undone, and you want nothing more than to collapse into slumber for as long as you can afford to sleep tonight. But it may be worthwhile to wait at least a few more minutes before closing your eyes for the evening, because there are reasons to have sex even if you are tired.

Seriously — it may be worth your while to give sex the old college try. The physical, emotional, and health benefits are difficult to overstate. So even on days when you're feeling exceptionally run-down, it is smart to make a few minutes for sex. Whether you're flying solo or bedding down with a partner, you can reap some serious mood boosts from a bit of lovemaking. And hey, you can always go to sleep right afterward, so it's really a win-win situation.

Your health, mood, and even relationship may get some serious benefits from regular sex, so it may be a good call to go for it even on days when you're beyond exhausted. Even if the rest of your day has been stressful and draining, at least you'll have a few minutes to get in touch with your own body and your partner. Read on to learn the many benefits of powering through your fatigue and getting frisky.


It Increases Pleasure

First things first: sex should be pleasurable for you and any partners who have the fortune to share your bed. So what could be a better way to counteract a long day? You can at least look forward to a few pleasant minutes before you drop off to sleep.


It Help You Sleep Better

Hey, why not ensure you do get an excellent night's rest when you are ready for bed? As explained in Health, sex releases the hormone prolactin, which may help you relax into a pleasant night's slumber. It's worth the effort to sleep better.


It Relieves Stress

Chances are, being tired and stressed go hand-in-hand. But according to Healthy Women, sex is an excellent form of stress relief. Why not give yourself a few moments to unwind with your SO or favorite vibe before dropping off to sleep?


It Helps You & Your SO Bond

If you and your partner have trouble reconnecting after a busy day, then a romp can help you remember what drew you together as a couple. As noted in Your Tango, sex helps you bond as a couple thanks to the release of oxytocin. It's an easy way to stay close no matter how hectic your lives get.


It Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Sex may also help out your heart health, too. Lowered blood pressure, reduced stress, and improved emotional health associated with a good sex life just might help keep your heart pumping strong, according to Everyday Health. There are worse ways to stay healthy, right?


It Gives Your Immune System A Boost

If you're a bit of a health nut, then this will come as welcome news. Regular sex just might help strengthen your immune system, as reported by Psychology Today, in part because it helps you relax and increases social bonding. Plus, it's about a hundred times more fun than taking a multivitamin.


It Boosts Your Mood

When you're tired, chances are your mood is pretty frayed and crappy. But a little adult nap time can help turn that frown into a grin. Sex releases dopamine, which lights up your brain's reward center, as explained by Health. It's a quick fix for a bad mood.


It Doubles As Exercise

Sure, it won't replace your regular spin class. But according to WebMD, sex is indeed a form of exercise. You may need to find some creative way to log it into your Fitbit, however.


It Relieves Pain

Even if you literally have a headache, your tired, achy body may feel better after a romp in the sack. According to Psychology Today, sex typically unleashes the hormone oxytocin, which has the ability to reduce your perceptions of pain. So a quick go may be just what the doctor ordered.


It Gives Your Libido A Boost

Sometimes the best way to jump-start your libido is to have more sex. Women have both a mental and physical connection to wanting more sex when they're having more sex, as explained by Mercola, because regular intercourse helps amp up the body's lubrication, elasticity, and other responses that make sex pleasurable. That way, you'll probably have less trouble getting in the mood for your next round.


It Leads To Orgasm

Need I say more?