11 Reasons You Can Always Rely On Your Mom Squad

Motherhood is not all about the kids. It's not just changing diapers, scheduling play dates, and making sure all the school papers are signed. Motherhood is also about the mom, and making friends who can help you make the best of the situations thrown your way. And, if you want to make the parenthood ride a hell of lot more fun, well, that's just one more reason you need to have mom friends around.

Once you find your people — or you Mom Squad — you'll want to stick to them like gum to a shoe. Hold these women close, because they are the ones who are going to understand you in a way that other people cannot. They are experiencing many of the same things as you, and won't bat an eye when you call them crying, asking for advice on how to clean puke out of a sweater. These are the women you will pick you up when you are down, and give you a reason to put on the high heels that have been collecting dust in the back of your closet for two years.

When you look back on your life, these women will be among the many things you count as blessings, because they were there for you in such an intense and unique way. There are so many reasons to love these friends, but here are 11 reasons you can always rely on your Mom Squad.


They Don't Judge You

There is only one Judge Judy, and she is saying sassy things in a TV courtroom, not to your Mom Squad. There is a strict no gavel-bangers policy for this group.


They Understand Your Level Of Exhaustion

They get it. If you rather drift into sleep while binge watching Season 2 of Sex and The City instead of go out for drinks on a Friday night, they totally understand.


They Are Looking For A Reason To Get Out Of The House

Bf you have the energy, all you have to do is name the place and they are on their way! Just make sure you get to the bar early enough to save enough seats for everyone.


Their Texting Skills Are On Point

It doesn't matter if they are in the car, the store, or the middle of an OB-GYN appointment, they will respond to that group text about your crazy mother-in-law. They will use the voice text if they must, but no way are they going silent on this news.


They Remind You Who You Truly Are

If you get sucked into mom world and forget that you are still the same spunky, fun woman you've always been, they will pull you right up and help you remember.


Their Devotion Is Fierce

Nothing and no one can come between you. Not only do they have your back, they love you. They really love you. Even if it makes them seem a little like a stalker.


They're Up For Anything

Want to try that new restaurant or splash park or zip line in your city? You're Mom Squad is up for the challenge. And they make it way more fun than it would have been alone.


They Offer To Watch Your Kids

They're moms too and understand those times when you just need some time to yourself. So they offer to watch your kids — for free!


They Want To See You Smile

Your Mom Squad could also be called your Support Squad. It's important to them that you are happy, and they go out of their way to make sure you sport a smile.


They Pack Extra Snacks

If you're stuck at the park with a hungry child and don't have anything but granola bar crumbs in your purse, don't worry. Someone in your Mom Squad packed extra snacks, just in case.


They're Too Busy For B.S.

These woman are too busy to drag a bunch of random sh*t and drama into your group. They keep it real, and that's just how we like it.

Images: Olesia Bilkei/Fotolia; Giphy (11)