11 Red & Blue Game Day Drinks For Pats Fans

This weekend is Super Bowl Sunday, a time when Americans gather with friends and family to eat, drink, and watch the two top football teams battle it out on the field for the championship. Whether your guests are all about the game or just there for the wings and the commercials, no Super Bowl party is complete without the cocktails. If you're rooting for the Patriots, you're going to want every little detail of your party to show your team spirit. Luckily, there are plenty of red and blue Patriots drink recipes out there that you can make to show your love.

Whether you're into wine, rum, or tequila, this list of cocktails has a little something for everyone — even those who prefer a mocktail. From sangrias to margaritas, your guests will have so much fun that they may even miss out on a touchdown or two.

You don't have to be a New England fan to give one of these Patriot perfect drink recipes a try at your Super Bowl party. In fact, you don't even have to like football to have a great party this Sunday. All of my guests know I'll only be watching for the commercials and Lady Gaga at halftime.


Winter Sangria

This winter sangria recipe from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs is perfect for a party. Make a big batch in your favorite punch bowl or jug and let your guests serve themselves. While you're drinking, don't forget to take a bite out of the wine-soaked fruit.


Sparkling Blue Mocktail

Blue fruit punch and sparkling cider are the key ingredients needed to make the sparkling blue mocktail from What's Cooking, Love. You can substitute Prosecco or another sparkling wine to turn the mocktail into a cocktail. Either way, the blue sprinkles around the rim are the perfect finishing touch.


Cranberry Pomegranate Margarita

The cranberry pomegranate margarita from A Spicy Perspective is the perfect companion to your nacho bar. The drink is made with only four simple ingredients, but the rim made with salt and taco seasoning gives this drink an unexpected twist.


Apple Sangria

Technically the apple sangria from Damn Delicious isn't red unless you count the apples. But if you prefer white wine sangria, this is a great winter drink.


Red Rover Blood Orange and Bourbon Cocktail

The fresh ginger garnish makes all of the difference in this red rover blood orange and bourbon cocktail from Domestic Fits. Your guests who want something a little stronger than beer will keep coming back for more.


Berry Shrub Spritzer

If you want to add a little bubbly with your drink menu, try the berry shrub spritzer from Jelly Toast. The combination of Prosecco and homemade berry syrup is simple to make, and even simpler to drink.


Red, White, & Blue Berry Coconut Slushy

If you're looking for something on the healthy side, try these red, white, and blue berry coconut slushies from Kitchen Confidante. With fruit, coconut milk, and agave nectar as the primary ingredients, you can drink without the guilt — unless of course, you decide to add rum on your own.


Blueberry Mojito

The blueberry mojito from The Merry Thought is a refreshing twist on the classic cocktail. The recipe doesn't call for alcohol, but you could add in a little rum on your own if your guests are asking for it.


Aunt Beru's (Grown Up) Blue Milk

Two Red Bowls' Aunt Beru's blue milk is like a milkshake for adults. For those who like their drinks sweet, the amaretto and vanilla give it a delicious Creamsicle-like flavor.


Blueberry Basil Vodka Tonic

The blueberry basil vodka tonic from Wholefully brings a whole lot of flavor to an ordinary vodka tonic. But you might only want to try this one out if you're only having a few of your closest friends over. The recipe suggests using a top shelf vodka for optimal flavor.


Lemongrass & Blood Orange Wine Spritzer

If you want to spice up your white wine, try this lemongrass and blood orange wine spritzer recipe from Kitchen Confidante.