11 Signs Of A True Narcissist

If there's one thing that I've always had an issue with, it's someone who thinks they're better than everyone around them. Though I find anyone confidence an admirable personality trait, there's a difference between being sure of yourself and thinking you're the sh*t. What's worse is when the person doesn't even realize that they act like that. Since others have normalized that kind of behavior, it becomes difficult to spot the red flags that prove you have narcissistic tendencies.

According to Dictionary, being a narcissist often involves a person being selfish, vain, and needing admiration from his or her own attributes. Unfortunately, most people who fall under this category either don't know or refuse to admit that they are like this. Although it may not seem like a big deal to have narcissistic tendencies, Mayo Clinic noted that it can develop into a mental disorder aptly titled narcissistic personality disorder. This type of disorder causes issues in one's work and personal relationships, as well as their finances and usually affects those aged between 19 and 40.

Though it's not possible to cure the disorder, if you want to be informed of some narcissistic tendencies, these are a good place to start.


You Have To Exaggerate Your Achievements

According to Psych Central, needing to exaggerate your achievements is a narcissistic tendency. Having this strong sense of self-importance is a symptom of narcissistic personality disorder and shows that you feel as if you need to be seen as important.


You Lack Empathy

According to Psychology Today, lacking empathy is a narcissistic trait , too. Without having empathy, this shows that you do not care about anyone but yourself.


You Have A Need To Always Be In A Leadership Role

According to Huff Post, if you always feel like you need to be in a leadership role, you may have narcissistic tendencies. People who are narcissistic want to be leaders because it makes them feel superior. That, however, does not make them good leaders.


You Cheat In Relationships

Business Insider noted that being a cheater in a relationship is a tendency for this, too. Narcissists are more likely to cheat once they find that their partners have committed because they feel as if they can get away with it.


You Take Advantage Of Other People

Taking advantage of other people is a tendency of a narcissist, according to BPD Central. People who have this trait do this to fulfill their own achievements and will not think twice about who they are hurting.


You Believe That You Are Superior To Everyone Else

If you have a tendency to consider yourself superior to those around you, then you could be narcissistic, according to Mayo Clinic.


You Like To Be The Center Of Attention

Narcissists like to dominate conversations and make things all about them, according to Health. If this is you, the need to talk about yourself and impress those around you is at the top of your list.


You Are A Workaholic

The aforementioned Business Insider article noted that being a workaholic is another tendency of a narcissist. Workaholics are usually perfectionists — which is a trait of narcissism — impatient, and compulsive.


You Are Arrogant

According to the previously mentioned Mayo Clinic article, behaving arrogantly falls in line with being a narcissist. Though this may be mistaken as having confidence to others, there's a stark difference between the two.


You Give Unsolicited Advice

If you love to give your advice even when it's not warranted from others, you just may be more of a narcissist than you think, according to the aforementioned Health article. This is a perfect example of you demonstrating your superiority through delivering your insight.


You Love Nice Things

Huff Post noted in the previously mentioned piece that loving nice things can also be a sign that you are narcissistic. While all shopaholics don't fall in the same category, a common trait for narcissists is to desire and display high status through material items.