11 Red, White, & Blue Drinks For 4th Of July That Will Hit The Spot

Summer is officially here, which means the quintessential American holiday is fast approaching. No matter how you celebrate the Fourth of July, it's almost guaranteed that there will be food involved. And what's a cookout or family dinner without a few red, white, and blue drinks to top it all off?

Whether you're having a family-friendly get together with kids and adults alike, throwing an adults-only party with your friends, or maybe just enjoying a relaxing afternoon with your SO, there's a drink for everyone and every party on this list. From virgin lemonades, to classy sangria's, to blended margaritas, these drinks are as delicious as they are patriotic.

And don't worry if you're not a culinary genius or bartender at heart. These drinks are all fairly simple to make and utilize ingredients you likely already have in the kitchen. Because the last thing you want during your Independence Day celebration is to be running a million different directions trying to pull off a complicated party. These drinks will help ensure your day is as stress free as possible and that your table is as beautiful as possible. So grab a few glasses and your recipe of choice and get ready to make a red, white, and blue drink that's sure to be the envy of your party.


Red, White, And Blue Layered Drinks

Not only are these red, white, and blue layered drinks from Brown Eyed Baker mesmerizing to look at, they're easy to make and completely kid friendly.


Tart Cherry Margaritas

If you're looking for a margarita that's the perfect blend of sweet and sour, this tart cherry margarita from Ari's Menu will be perfect.


Red, White, & Blue Water

A drink that's just as simple as it is healthy, these flavored waters from Averie Cooks infuse fruit into water creating colorful drinks even your kids will love (and probably confuse as juice).


Blue Slushie

This lemon-lime blue slushie from Baked By Rachel is super easy to make and perfect for hot afternoons outside.


Red, White, And Blue Blended Margaritas

For a beautifully refreshing blended margarita, add these red, white, and blue margaritas from Gimme Some Oven to your 4th of July menu.


Strawberry Smash Cocktail With Tarragon

For a cocktail that's a bit more on the fancy side, try this strawberry smash cocktail with tarragon from Brooklyn Supper.


Stars And Stripes Cocktail

This stars and stripes cocktail from Simple Moments Stick truly captures the July 4th spirit — and it's delicious too.


Blackberry Bramble

Another cocktail that's fancy enough to impress your friends, this blackberry bramble from The Crepes of Wrath is as patriotic as it is beautiful.


Sparkling Red, White, And Blue Sangria

If wine is your drink of choice, you'll love this sparkling red, white, and blue sangria from Gimme Some Oven.


Bomb Pop Shots

For something colorful and straight to the point, these bomb pop shots from A Beautiful Mess will get your party started in no time.


Sparkling Blueberry Lemonade

For a sparkling drink that you wan't have to hide from your kids, The Little Epicurean's sparkling blueberry lemonade will hit the spot.