11 Resources For Dealing With Postpartum Anxiety

If you're a new mother and feeling on edge, but you're not depressed, you could be experiencing postpartum anxiety. And, because you're not alone, there are many resources for postpartum anxiety out there to help you release the uncomfortable feeling of being intolerably overwhelmed.

There's naturally going to be some stressful new parent moments, but Parents noted that postpartum anxiety affects about 10 percent of new moms, and is characterized by dizziness, increased heart rate, nausea, and insomnia. Additionally, Parents noted that if your worries about your baby's safety tend to become obsessive and irrational, or if you find yourself having panic attacks for no reason, that might be a sign that your anxiety is more than the normal "adaptive anxiety" that comes with becoming a parent.

The resources below offer specific support for moms suffering with postpartum anxiety. However, some more general antidotes like practicing mindfulness, yoga, relaxation techniques, exercise and sleep are recommended to help manage anxiety, according to the Anxiety And Depression Association Of America (ADAA). As a new mom, you might be tempted to put your needs after everyone else's but, as Baby Center noted, it's vital that you take care of yourself in your baby's first months so that you can bond with your new child. With that in mind, the following resources will help you seek the treatment you need if you're suffering from postpartum anxiety. (And, as always, if you're having a medical emergency, you should always call 911, as any doctor will advise. )


Postpartum Support International


Postpartum Support International is an accredited and acclaimed resource for mothers that offers a wealth of information on postpartum panic disorder and postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder. Additionally, you will find locations for postpartum support coordinators throughout the country on their resources page, as well as information on crisis hotlines, support groups and events.


Postpartum Progress

Founded by Katherine Stone, Postpartum Progress has won numerous awards for outstanding content for new moms. The organization, which has a plethora of information about everything postpartum, has been recognized by WebMD and Mental Health America for their advocacy work. Additionally, The New York Times,,, Psych Central, Scholastic Parent & Child, Fit Pregnancy and many of the top clinicians specializing in postpartum depression and other perinatal mood and anxiety disorders has bestowed praise on this organization for its excellent content. In another words, it's a must-see resource.


Mother To Baby

Mother To Baby is a nonprofit that offers live chat services to expecting and new mothers. This organization specializes in answering questions about breastfeeding while using medications or herbal supplements, even those prescribed by a health care professional. This information can ease the mind of a mom taking anti-anxiety medication, even if she's had her physician's clearance.



The nonprofit Motherisk offers hotlines as well as studies and research about the effects of all kinds of medications on developing babies, or babies who are breastfeeding. You will also find resources for how to deal with substance abuse if you are a new mother.


Postpartum Anxiety BC

Not only does Postpartum Anxiety BC offer a 24/7 hotline to answer all your questions related to postpartum worries, but it also provides outstanding diagnostic tests, specific coping mechanisms, checklists to download, and all kinds of concrete ways to manage postpartum anxiety.


The Center Of Perinatal Excellence (COPE)


The Center Of Perinatal Excellence (COPE) is a worldwide nonprofit that is dedicated to improving the lives of women and children who might be suffering from postpartum issues. You will find information on everything from symptoms of postpartum anxiety, to how corporate objectives and governance can help serve the needs of this population.



When you need a referral to a clinician who specializes in anxiety, look no further than TalkSpace. You will find a database of over 300 licensed clinicians to help you manage your anxiety.


The Mayo Clinic

If you're suffering from anxiety, you might not want to Google the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the middle of the night. The Mayo Clinic provides outstanding research and medical information about postpartum issues, as well as resources to find doctors to treat you depending on your location. From studies to scheduling a doctor's appointment, Mayo Clinic is a go-to health guide.


St. Vincent #TakeTime4U

The website and newsletter St. Vincent #TakeTime4U is just what it sounds like: a resource for moms to put their needs first. Although you won't find the latest research on postpartum anxiety, you will find light-hearted suggestions on how to self-care, created just for new moms, by the St. Vincent hospital organization.


Anxiety And Depression Association Of America

The Anxiety And Depression Association Of America (AADA) provides a comprehensive guide to the different types of anxieties you might be suffering, including postpartum anxiety. Also useful is information on the safety of anti-anxiety medications.


Glow Nurture

The app Glow Nurture offers advice on how to overcome postpartum anxiety from experts. Daily tips, quotes, encouragement, and inspiration to keep anxiety at bay are features of the Glow franchise, which offers a suite of women's health apps. This app was named one of 10 Best iPhone Apps and featured by InStyle, and The Guardian. And the best part — it's free.