11 Sentimental Mother's Day Cards

When you're picking out a Mother's Day card, you want one of two reactions: laughter or happy tears. If you're going the sincere route this year, then you'll want go big. Luckily, the options for sentimental Mother's Day cards are certain to make your mom tear up a bit, in the most loving way.

These are no ordinary cards. Handmade and heartfelt, these greetings offer your mom a little something more this year. Featuring designers from all over the world, the cards are sure to fit many tastes and budgets. A lot of the designs just beg to be framed and admired for years. Some cards can be personalized for more impact. And if you're short on time, many designs can be downloaded in an instant. (Sometimes holiday dates escape the best of adult children out there. It happens.)

Do you want to go the extra mile? Round out the holiday with some clever Mother's Day gifts, or perhaps a subscription box gift. Treat your mom to a tasty brunch and voila: you are the favorite child. Your siblings should watch their backs, because you have the Mother's Day celebration on full lockdown mode this year. But it all starts with the perfect card, so check out these options for a sentimental and sweet Mother's Day card.


By The Numbers

Let your mom know just how unique she is to you. The "One In A Million" Mother's Day card ($7) tells the truth.


Hugs For Life

Sometimes a simple message says it all. The "Mother's Hug" card ($5) is sure to warm your mom's heart.


It Adds Up

This one might make your mom a little misty. The "Every Little Thing" card ($5) is a sweet reminder of all that mothers do, from phone calls to bedtime stories.


Sweet & Simple

If you were to close your eyes and imagine the perfect Mother's Day card, it would look something like the "First My Mother" card ($4), which features a beautiful message and elegant floral designs.


Global Perspective

It can be difficult to express just how much you appreciate your mother. The "Mom Is My World" card ($5) gets the idea across.


Wonderful Watercolor

Why not go for a unique illustration? The watercolor Mother's Day card ($3) is sure to delight your mom.


Always In My Thoughts

If you need some backup expressing your love for mom, why not call on a poet for help? The Alfred Tennyson quote card ($5) has thoughtful words and floral illustrations.


Many Hearts

Who knew a bullet list could be so heartfelt? The personalized Mother's Day Card ($4) can be crafted to suit your own mom.


Love Always

Add a dash of cuteness to your sentimental message. The flying heart card ($5) is adorable.


No Place Like It

Nothing says home like mom. This "Home Is Where Mum Is" card ($4) says it all.


Mother's Love

My mom and I spent hours bonding while caring for our pets. If this sounds familiar, then this Mother's Day cat card ($4) is for you.