11 Sex Moves To Try When You're 9 Months Pregnant

Being nine months pregnant means you probably have a lot on your mind. You're preparing yourself and your home for the arrival of your new baby. But no matter how busy you might be washing onesies and shopping for diapers, your womanly needs haven't gone anywhere. When the mood strikes, you can rely on sex moves when you're nine months pregnant to get the job done. Although your situation may call for a few modifications or thinking slightly outside the box when getting it on, your ultimate goal is to enjoy some good lovin' before that newborn makes her appearance.

As long as your pregnancy is developing in a healthy way and your doctor hasn't recommended you abstain from sex, having some satisfying romps can be a fun part of your last month of pregnancy. If you have concerns that sex this late in the game could be harmful, rest assured that you and your baby are protected. As the website for What To Expect pointed out, sex during pregnancy poses no threat to the baby since the mucus plug protects the cervix from anything entering. So relax and enjoy the pleasure.

To mix things up in your ninth month, try out some of these sex moves approved for your final trimester.


Have A Quickie

Once you're nine months along in your pregnancy, you may be more focused on preparing for the baby to arrive than getting it on with your partner. So strike when the mood moves you. If you're feeling ready to go, grab your SO for a quickie and enjoy the moment.


Embrace The Spoon

If you're exhausted and uncomfortable at the nine month mark, make friends with your new sex move BFF: spooning. According to Fit Pregnancy magazine, variations of spooning are great for pregnant women since it allows for more shallow penetration. This is a nice balance since the baby will be putting a lot of pressure on your lady parts at this time.


Feel The Vibration

Craving an orgasm but not in the mood for full on intercourse? Grab a vibrator and enjoy that O. As Dr. Pam Spurr reported for The Bump, " it should be absolutely fine to use a vibrator," as long as your doctor or health care provider has specifically asked you to refrain from sex.


Try A Strip Tease

Just because you're far along in your pregnancy doesn't mean you can't have fun and feel sexy. Embrace that beautiful baby bump and give your partner a little strip tease before the main event, because taking it all off is always hot.


Keep It On

Quite the opposite of a strip tease — keeping your clothes on can turn up the temperature as well. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, having your partner rub you over the crotch of tight pants can make the sensation more intense. So try keeping your clothes on until you can't take it anymore for something different.


Climb On Top

Woman on top is a position that you can use throughout your entire pregnancy, as the website for Baby Center pointed out. Keeping you in control, and the pressure off your belly, woman on top and it's many variations can be your go-to move all the way into your ninth month.


Lube Up

If your pregnancy hormones have made you a little dry downtown, a little lube can help. According to Parents magazine, water-based lubes are safe to use during pregnancy. So make sure to check the ingredients before you purchase.


Go For Oral

You don't have to turn down oral sex, even if you're nearing the end of your pregnancy. As long as your partner is careful not to blow air into your vagina, oral sex is safe at nine months, as Mayo Clinic reported.


Use A Pillow Prop

Staying comfortable and keeping pressure off your back and belly will make sex at nine months pregnant enjoyable. Use pillows to prop yourself up or support your baby bump (depending on the position) as What To Expect's website suggested.


Try Role Play

This classic sex move isn't off limits when you're pregnant. You and your partner can use role play to heat things up in the bedroom. Start with a few flirty text messages throughout the day to set the stage for the main event that night.


Use The Furniture

Much like using pillows to prop you up, you can take advantage of couches, chairs, and benches to help you explore more comfortable sex positions that will accommodate your pregnant shape while still giving you pleasure.