11 Sexy Mother's Day Gifts That She Really Wants

Mom is always looking out for everyone else, which is why Mother's Day is the perfect day to flip the script and show her a little love for a change. But what do you get for the woman who does everything and usually asks for nothing? If you're looking for gift ideas for your favorite mom, you should take advantage of some of the sexy Mother's Day gifts out there. And nothing is sexier than the gift of a good night's (or afternoon's) sleep

Don't get me wrong; indulgent desserts, sensual massages, and lacy lingerie are great. But for someone who never actually punches out and spends most of her "free" time checking homework and folding laundry, a few extra hours of sleep is the sexiest gift you can give. So when you're shopping, you should be keeping your eyes open for things that will help Mom keep her eyes closed.

Comfy pajamas, relaxing bath salts, and warm blankets are just a few ideas for gifts that will help make sleep a little bit easier for Mom this Mother's Day, and let her know that you feel her pain. If you really love her, you'll leave her alone for a few hours.


A Sleep Mask

Women's Sleep Mask, $28, Etsy

The perfect sleep mask can help set the mood for rest and relations. These Etsy masks are made with breathable cotton, are machine washable, and come in fun patterns and colors that Mom will love.


A Relaxation Gift Basket

Relaxation Gift Basket, $30, Etsy

Help set the mood for sleep with this relaxation gift basket from Etsy. The set comes with relaxing bath salts, a soy candle, and calming tea — everything Mom needs to get ready for some serious snoozing.


An Organic Cotton Heating Pad

Heating Pad, $22, Etsy

The microwaveable heating pad from Etsy is made with organic cotton and can be filled with your choice of scented or unscented herbs. Mom can soothe achy muscles or keep her feet nice and toasty while she sleeps.


A Pajama Bouquet

Pajama Bouquet, $30, Etsy

If Mom is going to get some sleep, she's going to need to dress the part. And with a pajama bouquet from Etsy, you don't have to worry about wrapping. A super comfy two-piece set of pjs comes beautifully packaged in a jar that she can use over and over again.


A Nightstand Organizer

Nightstand Organizer, $75, Etsy

When Mom eventually wakes up from her much-needed sleep, she's bound to be a bit disoriented. A nightstand organizer will help her keep all of her belongings close by while she catches up on her sleep.


A Sherpa Throw

Luxurious Sherpa Throw Blanket, $27, Amazon

When you're a mom, you sleep whenever and wherever you can. The bed, the couch, and the living room floor are all fair game. The Sherpa throw blanket will help Mom stay warm no matter where she chooses to sleep.


A Wine Bottle Candle

Scented Wine Bottle Candle, $28, Amazon

For me, the only thing better than sleep is a nice glass of wine. The wine bottle candle is made of recycled wine bottles and comes in a variety of wine-inspired scents. This way, she can dream of her favorite vintage while she gets her Zs.


Wireless Speakers

Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $67-74, Amazon

Mom might need a nice lullaby to help get her ready to have sweet dreams. This wireless bluetooth speaker is a portable, waterproof device that comes in a variety of cute colors.


Moon Beam Sleep Aid

Moon Beam Sleep Aid, $60, UncommonGoods

Mom probably won't need help getting to sleep, but in case she does, you can give her an assist. This Moon Beam sleep aid provides a soothing halo of light on your ceiling, and encourage you to slow your breathing so you can enjoy some much-needed rest.


A Personalized Pillow

Custom Bed Pillow, $32, Etsy

This Mother's Day, let Mom know that her pillow has her name written all over it. A custom bed pillow case will make sure your favorite mom has some sweet dreams.


Socks With A Message

Funny Mother's Day Socks, $7, Etsy

While Mom is sleeping, Dad may have to pick up the slack. These funny socks will send the message to everyone in the house that Mom is officially off duty.