11 Super Sexy Movies On Showtime Because You're Feeling A Little Frisky

Streaming services and on-demand channels put thousands of movies at your disposal. Whatever you feel like watching, chances are that you can pull it up with the touch of a few buttons. If you're in the mood for something steamy, there are a few sexy movies on Showtime that you can fire up.

Sexy doesn't have to mean full-on sex in movies. There are films featuring tantalizing plots, suggestive innuendo, and of course, beautiful people doing provocative things that many viewers will find just as alluring as true X-rated fare. Showtime does, of course, have plenty of movies that go way beyond the simply sexy to arrive in soft-core porn territory, but I've left them off this list. Why? Because if you're looking for films with actual plots and good acting, you'll probably want to pass on Law & Orgasm and The Spy Who Sexed Me (and no, I did not make up those titles, but I kind of wish I did because they are hilariously awesome) in favor of options that have a little more substance than sex. Any of the movies on this list will fit that bill.

Whether you're watching on the Showtime app, website, or on your set-top box, you can press play on any of these movies tonight.


Cruel Intentions

Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and that kissing scene — non-X-rated movies don't get much sexier than Cruel Intentions. It tells the tale of twisted step-siblings (Phillippe and Gellar) who make a bet to seduce the daughter of the headmaster at the posh private school, according to IMDB. If you like it, you can check out the sequel.


American Gigolo

A young Richard Gere plays a male prostitute who becomes a murder suspect in American Gigolo. The movie was one of the first ever to show full frontal nudity by a well-known male celebrity, according to Complex. The iconic Lauren Hutton also stars.



You know things are going to get steamy when the movie's tagline is "Indulge in a wicked game of seduction." Rupert Friend stars as the young Frenchman carrying on a passionate affair with an older woman played by Michelle Pfeiffer in Chéri. The movie is based on two novels by French author Colette, according to Time.



Whoever would have thought that the actor who played nerdy Jessie Spano on Saved By the Bell would go on to star in sex and nudity-filled Showgirls? The movie tells the story of a dancer trying to make it big in Vegas. It was quite a departure for Elizabeth Berkley, and though it didn't win rave reviews, it's become something of a cult classic since its 1995 release, according to The Hollywood Reporter.



A novelist gets tangled up in a murderous cult while vacationing with her ex in Compulsion. America's Next Top Model alum Analeigh Tipton stars in this under-the-radar flick. Be prepared for lots of blood and gore if you're going to fire up this erotic horror thriller, though.



Tom Cruise ruled the '80s with starring turns in movies like Top Gun, Risky Business, and Rain Man. But his role as a hotshot young bartender in Cocktail may be one of his best — and sexiest — ever. Elisabeth Shue stirs as Cruise's love interest in this flick set in Jamaica.


Palm Swings

You can probably guess what Palm Swings is about just from the title. Hint: it's about swingers getting very friendly with their new neighbors. The indie film features appearances from some familiar faces, like Jason Lewis of Sex and the City fame and Tia Carrere of Wayne's World, according to What's On TV.


Playing It Cool

Playing It Cool has got Chris Evans in it. Need I say more? And if one Captain America doesn't make it sexy enough for you, there are actually two in this movie — Anthony Mackie also stars. Evans plays a screenwriter working on a rom-com at the urging of his agent, played by Mackie.


Born Romantic

Four intertwined love stories are at the center of this British film. Born Romantic stars former late night talk show host Craig Ferguson as a lovestruck man searching for his ex. The hilarious tagline ("Romance isn't dead... it's just not very well," according to IMDB) lets you know you're in for some laughs.


American Satan

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll abound in American Satan. The movie tells the story of a band that makes a deal with the devil to strike it big in the music industry — and you know how deals with the devil usually turn out. If you end up loving the movie, the band may be getting back together in the future — a spin-off TV series is in the works, according to AltPress.


Midnight In Paris

There's no actual sex or nudity in Midnight in Paris, but it doesn't get much sexier than beautiful people cavorting around Paris. Owen Wilson plays a screenwriter who gets magically transported back to the 1920s every night for a few hours while vacationing in the City of Light with his fiancée. Rachel McAdams and Marion Cotillard star as his love interests.