11 Signs You Might Need Marriage Counseling, Which Isn't A Bad Thing

Even the healthiest marriages have their issues. You and your partner are bound to hit a few bumps in the road over the course of your relationship. Often times, you can talk things out and move on. But sometimes you might need a little bit of extra help. If you are worried that your relationship might be in trouble, you should begin to look at the signs you might need marriage counseling.

If you are having communication issues, are contemplating an affair, or have stopped having sex all together, chances are there are deeper issues in your marriage. A therapist can offer a 360-degree view of your relationship, and help provide you with the tools you need to work through problems as they arise, rather than allowing things to build up under the surface.

Although counseling can have a positive impact on a marriage, fear and negative stereotypes often keep couples out of the doctor's office. But if you think you can't benefit from couples therapy, think again. As Woman's Day mentioned, the American Association of Marriage and Family therapists reported that 93 percent of couples that have attended therapy sessions say they have more effective tools to deal with the problems in their relationship.

So if your marriage could use a little reboot, try seeking help from a marriage counselor. When you find the right therapist and both partners participate, you can see some major improvements in your relationship.


You're Thinking About Having An Affair

If you have been contemplating having an affair, you should seek help from a therapist before carrying out an action that could have damaging consequences for your relationship. According to The Huffington Post, a therapist can help you understand why you're thinking about an affair.


You've Stopped Having Sex

It's natural for sex to dwindle a bit after you've been married a while, but the romance shouldn't come to a complete stop. As Today's Parent pointed out, sex can be used to measure the emotional health of your marriage. A therapist can help you and your partner understand why the sex has stopped and help you reignite the fire in your relationship.


You're Taking It Out On Others

If you find yourself taking your anger at your partner out on your coworkers, children, or the barista at your favorite coffee shop, you may need a little help understanding why. As Oprah mentioned, misplaced anger is often a sign of an unhappy marriage.


You're Confiding In Someone Else

It may feel good to talk about all of your problems with your bestie, but it may not be the best thing for your relationship. As Reader's Digest mentioned, it's never a good idea to talk about your marital problems with an outsider — particularly if you haven't talked to your partner first. You may need a therapist's help to get the conversation started.


You've Just Experienced An Unexpected Life Change

The loss of a job, an unplanned pregnancy, or the death of a loved one can put a major strain on any relationship. As Woman's Day mentioned, couple's counseling can help you work through your feelings about a major life change.


Things Are Stale

Even if there's nothing really wrong in your marriage, you may just be feeling that you could use a little help to spruce things up. As Today's Parent mentioned, couples' therapy can help give you some new tools to make things feel fresh again.


You're Constantly Comparing


Your best friend's partner may seem like a dream, but it isn't fair to your partner to be held to an impossible standard. In fact, the constant comparing can cause a major rift in your relationship. As Redbook mentioned, a therapist can help you learn to communicate without hurting your partner.


You Keep Having The Same Argument


If every argument you have ends up taking the same turn, you and your partner may need a little help getting to the root cause. As Today's Parent pointed out, a therapist can help you get to the bottom of the issues that are causing the deadlock in your relationship.


You Aren't Talking

Whether you're afraid to bring up uncomfortable issues, or simply avoiding an argument all together, you may need help from a professional to get your issues out on the table. As The Huffington Post mentioned, a therapist can help you and your partner find new ways to communicate.


You're Avoiding Each Other

It's natural and even healthy to spend a little time away from your partner doing things you both enjoy. But according to Redbook, if you and your partner are finding reasons not to be in the same room, on a regular basis, there is a larger issue at hand.


You Can't Forgive

If you just can't seem to leave a problem in the past, your relationship may be suffering from some issues of trust and commitment. According to Woman's Day, you may need a therapist's help to move past your problems.