11 Signs You & Your Spouse Trust Each Other Completely

When a relationship is new, people tend to be guarded. They proceed with caution in order to protect their heart from being violently crushed by the object of their affection. But as time goes by, they let that guard down. As your partner proves that they can be trusted, they chip away at your tough exterior and you start letting them in on your deepest secrets. If you are in a committed relationship, do you know the signs you and your spouse trust each other?

It's not easy to put your trust in another person. At some point in time, you've probably either been the victim of a major heartbreak, or have been extremely close to someone who was dealing with the pain of being hurt. But if you and your partner are on solid ground, you can feel free to be yourself. There's nothing more comforting than being involved with someone when you have nothing to hide.

Look for these signs in your relationship, and see if your partner is someone you can really trust. If you've got a good thing, it makes sense to do everything you can to hold on to it. You certainly don't want to have to start hiding your favorite shampoo from someone new.


You Aren't Afraid To Hear The Phone Ring

You don't jump at the sound of your phone ringing, because you don't have anything to hide. As mentioned on Psychologium's website, a person who leaves the room every time the phone rings, is someone who is clearly up to something.


You Don't Check Their Phone

There's no need to play private eye in your partner's phone. They've never given you any reason to think you have to go digging for trouble.


You Don't Wait Up

It's easy to sleep soundly when one of you is going for a night out with friends. You and your crew may have a little too much to drink and bust out in a horrible karaoke rendition of "I Will Survive" but you would never do anything that would compromise your relationship.


You Look Each Other In The Eye

Psychologist Terri Orbuch wrote on Psychology Today's website that if your partner can't look you in the eye when they are talking, chances are that they have something to hide.


You Tell Each Other Everything

When something awesome (or awful) happens, your partner is the first person you want to spill the beans to. Couples therapist Joel Block told Women's Health that the more open you are with your partner, the more open they will be with you.


You Don't Ask Too Many Questions

There's no need to interrogate your partner when they come home, because you trust that they will tell you everything you need to know about their day.


Money Ain't A Thing

You have no problem leaving your wallet on the table, because you know your partner would never steal from you (unless you're counting that shrimp they took off your plate at dinner last night).


You Aren't Keeping Score

It doesn't matter who paid for dinner last weekend, because frankly, you don't remember. You're in this for the long haul, and even if you did foot the bill, he'll definitely pay you back in coffee this week.


You Want Them To Look Their Best

You want your partner to look good, and you even encourage them to dress to impress. After all, people are going to see the two of you together.


You Let Your Hair Down

You may have felt like you needed to be in full face 24/7 at the beginning of your relationship, but now you have no problem being seen in your comfy lounge pants. No one can be fierce all the time, right?


You Cheer Each Other On

You encourage each other in everything you do, because a win for one of you is a win for both of you.