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11 Signs Your Kid Is The Hermione Of Her School

Hermione Granger was first introduced to fans of the Harry Potter series as an over-achieving smarty-pants who quick to correct her classmates' mistakes and show off her skills. As a muggle-born witch, Hermione felt as though she had something to prove to her peers in the wizarding community who'd grown up knowing about magic their entire lives. But, most likely, this is just Hermione's personality. We've all encountered kids who are, as Snape would say, "insufferable know-it-alls." Now that you're a parent you might want to look out for signs your kid is the Hermione of her school.

Hermione's know-it-all attitude softened throughout the years she was at Hogwarts. Eventually, as she matured, she began academically competing against herself rather than trying to prove something to those around her. Her intelligence became an asset to her friends, especially Harry who probably wouldn't have made it past his first year without Hermione at his side.

She was a bit of a late bloomer, as most hyper-intelligent kids tend to be. But by the time she was in her seventh, and final year at Hogwarts, she had become the smart, brave, strong and beautiful heroine that has been an inspiration to so many young readers.

Having a kid who's the Hermione of her school sounds like the kind of goals we all should have. Here's how to tell if you have a mini-Hermione on hand.


She Can't Wait To Be At School

She wants to be the first one in her seat, with her text books open, and her pencil in hand. She's excited to start the day.


She's A Bookworm

While others are messing around or being lazy, she is hitting the books. Even though she studies a lot, she always finds time to read for fun.


She Aces Every Pop Quiz She Takes

Because she's always studying, she has no problem with taking pop quizzes. Her teachers are always amazed at how well she does on her beginning-of-the-year assessments. Who has that much retention over the summer?


She Likes Things Done The Right Way

Don't mispronounce or misrepresent something around her. She is (mostly) a rule-follower and physically cannot control her impulse to correct your spelling or grammar.


She Wants To Get Her Assignments Done ASAP

Other kids love when a teacher pushes back the test. Not this girl. She was ready, and now has to worry about it for another day.


She's Doesn't Like To Work Under Pressure

She's the kind of person who likes to plan ahead. She wants everything to be perfect and that takes time. She'll roll with the punches, but she won't like it.


She Would Never Cheat

Don't even think about asking her for the answer to question two. She is way too ethical, and will never put herself at risk for a trip to the principal's office and a call to her parents.


She Prefers To Study Alone

She abhors the words "cooperative learning" and "group project" because she knows it will mean doing all the work while her partners get equal credit. She often asks if she can work alone.


But She Likes To Have Fun With Her Friends

She's definitely a loner when it comes to her schoolwork, but after school she's down to have a little fun with her buddies – as long as she's home with enough time to go over her Social Studies notes.


She Stands Up To Bullies

Not only does she know how to handle her own affairs, she won't hesitate to step in and defend someone else from being bullied. She won't stand for bad-mouthing or gossip, either.


She Secretly Looks Forward To The End-Of-Year Dance

She may be a tough cookie, but she has a warm gooey inside. She might not admit it, but she secretly loves the idea of getting dressed up and acting like a princess for a day.