11 Signs Your Spouse Is Faithful To You & Always Will Be

by Olivia Youngs

Marriage is an amazing thing. Getting to chase dreams and build a future with your best friend — what could be better, right? Well, as great as married life is, it also comes with its fair share of hardships. Though infidelity certainly isn't the only struggle married couples might deal with, it's one of the most significant and hard to recover from. Luckily there are lots of signs your spouse is faithful to you that you should take into consideration before assuming something is happening when it may not be.

I've been married to my husband for almost three years (insert mushy love song here), and although it hasn't always been smooth sailing, infidelity has never been an issue for us. Like any healthy marriage should, we are sure to maintain open lines of communication for everything, even when doubts arise.

According to The Truth About Deception, a staggering 30 to 60 percent of married couples engage in infidelity of some kind. But those stats don't have to be a defining factor in your marriage. Before you jump the gun and assume your partner is cheating, think through these signs, because more often than not, a conversation is all it takes to clear the air.

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They Follow Through

Relationship expert Margaret Paul told Huffington Post that following through with what you say you will do, no matter how small or large, is huge for building trust in a relationship. If your SO consistently says they will do something, and then actually does it, it's a good sign that you can trust what they say.


They're Happy To See You

Does your spouse act excited to see you at the end of a long day? Although there will be days when something is bothering them or they had a bad day, but their most common response to seeing you should be genuine happiness.


They Don't See Sex Simply As Sex

In a healthy relationship, both of you will be excited and engaged. If you partner isn't distant and is fully focused on you, you likely have nothing to worry about.


They Tell Their Friends About You

Even when you're not around, your SO should be thinking and talking about you. If you meet their friends and they know nothing about you, that should trigger a red flag. If they can't stop talking about you, it's a good thing.


They Don't Keep Secrets

Secrets can destroy a marriage, and honesty and keep one afloat. According to a study on Forbes, 20 percent of married couples keep financial secrets from their spouse that they worry could end their marriage. Similarly, a study conducted in the UK concluded that one in five people say they're keeping a major secret, according to Huffington Post. As shocking as those stats are, if you know your partner well enough, you probably know when they're keeping something from you. If they're open and honest about everything from money to their past, they are likely telling the truth.


Their Phone Isn't Off Limits

An article on CNN brings up the obvious threat to many relationships: technology. With the internet and easy access to past relationships, it's normal for couples to worry about what's behind their partner's screen. But in a faithful relationship, according to the article, you'll know whether your partner is hiding something or not. Are they comfortable with you going through their phone? Are they open about who they text? Having an "open policy" when it comes to your phones is usually a good habit.


They Have Boundaries With Friends And Co-Workers

Although it's totally normal for you both to have friends outside your marriage, an article on Today suggested that maintaining boundaries with them is paramount to a faithful marriage. In fact, the article states that 40 percent of affairs start among co-workers, so if your SO is open about who they hang out with and recognize the need to set boundaries, you have nothing to worry about.


They Feel Appreciated

A study at the University of Georgia found that a major key to a happy marriage may be as simple as gratitude. In fact, the study co-author said that "feeling appreciated and believing that your spouse values you directly influences how you feel about your marriage, how committed you are to it, and your belief that it will last." A simple "thank you" can go a very long way.


They Choose Good Friends

There's no doubt that friendships influence behavior. If your partner chooses friends who encourage them to stay faithful, like you, and want to include you, they're worth keeping around.


They Don't Flirt With Others

This one probably goes without saying, but if they only have eyes for you (and make sure you know it), they're definitely faithful to you.


You Have A Gut Feeling About Them

Ultimately, your intuition is usually a strong indicator of whether your partner is faithful or not, according to Psychology Today. If you think something is up, ask them about it. If you have no reason to doubt them, then don't.

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