11 Signs You're Vagina Needs A Little More TLC

Caring for a vagina is usually easy, because the organs tend to be self-sufficient. Sometimes, though, your vagina may cry out for extra attention. But how do you know when you need to give your lady parts some TLC? It's important to be on the lookout for the signs you're not caring for your vagina enough, so you know when to take more action.

In general, a vagina won't cause you much trouble. It just exists. But whenever something is wrong with the vaginal area, it has a way of taking over your life. If you've ever had to make it through the day while experiencing a persistent itch down there, then you know how troublesome a vagina can be.

With that in mind, these signs can serve as a way to make sure your vagina is in good working order. Caring for it won't take up much of your tim, and being aware of the signs of infections or other complications can go a long way toward preserving your health. Everything needs a little tender, love, and care, and the vagina is no exception. So if you notice any unusual odors or rashes down there, pay attention: your vagina's trying to tell you something.


You Get A Rash

Having a rash suddenly appear down there is cause for concern. Anything from chafing clothing to scabies can cause rashes in the vaginal area, according to the University of Michigan Medicine. Infections or psoriasis could also be the culprit, so consider all the possibilities.


You Smell An Odor

OK, your vagina isn't supposed to smell like a bed of roses. But if there's a significant change in your odor, and especially if your vagina smells foul and fishy, then bacterial vaginosis may be the cause, according to the Mayo Clinic. It's a common infection triggered by bacterial overgrowth.


You Feel Itchy

Vaginal itchiness seems to happen at the worst time, like when you're stuck in a very public place for several hours. It isn't normal, though. Anything from a yeast infection to STIs can cause vaginal itching, according to Healthline. Itching often means something is up down there, so you may want to see a doctor for help.


You Notice Redness & Irritation

Irritation is never a good thing, and this goes double for your privates. Skin sensitivities to ingredients in certain soaps, detergents, and even condoms can lead to vaginal irritation, according to WebMD. Scented soaps can do a number on your vaginal area, which doesn't require intense cleansers anyway.


You Feel Dry

If the skin around your vagina seems unusually dry, there may be a simple way to solve this: drink more water. No, seriously. Dehydration can lead to vaginal dryness, according to the website for Glamour. It's another reason to keep your water bottle handy all day.


You Have Unusual Discharge

Discharge is usually a normal, healthy thing. But if it's yellow, green, or very different in consistency, then your discharge may point to a problem, like an infection, according to Healthline.


You Feel Pain

Pain almost always indicates a problem. For instance, vaginal pain could be caused by anything from an infection to sex with a large object, according to Bustle.


You Get UTIs All The Time

In addition to being one of the most annoying nuisances on the planet, UTIs sometimes point out potential health concerns. If you get them regularly, make sure you're peeing after sex and wiping front to back to avoid UTIs, according to the website for Self. This will help prevent bacteria from entering your vaginal area.


You Experience Pain During Sex

Sex should not hurt. From vaginismus to endometriosis, pain during sex points to a whole host of potential problems, according to WebMD. If you're persistently experiencing pain from intercourse, then consider visiting a doctor for examination.


You Have Difficulty Inserting A Tampon

You're not just being weird; this is a real condition. Vulvodynia is the appearance of sudden and unexplained pain in the vaginal area, which may be triggered by a touch or even tampon insertion, according to the Mayo Clinic. The condition is not completely understood at this time.


You Experience Burning

Does it burn when you pee? Infections, irritations, and even toilet paper friction can cause vaginal burning, according to STD Check. Whatever the cause, it isn't normal, so consider seeing a doctor.