11 Signs You're Wearing The Wrong Bra Size & Need An Upgrade

Growing up with small breasts, I always thought knowing my bra size was as easy as pie. Unlike my older sister, who is substantially larger in the chest, I was under the impression that I never had to worry about spending big bucks on my bras. As I've gotten older though, I've learned the importance of having a good bra. And when I finally started investing in them, I learned that the bra size I'd been wearing was all wrong. Though there are many women wearing the incorrect bra size, noticing that signs that you're wearing the wrong bra size is pretty important.

When I was younger, my mom would just take me to the store and have me try on different types of bras until we found the ones that fit. It wasn't until I was in my 20s that I realized the importance of actually getting fitted for my bras. Because I was just doing what many women do by trying bras on and assuming every bra will fit the same, I ended up walking around in uncomfortable bras that were the wrong size.

If you've been a victim to "bra size assumption" like I have, these 11 signs will help you notice if you've been sporting the wrong size.


Your Straps Keep Falling

According to Seventeen, if you've tried to tighten your straps and they continue to fall, your bra isn't providing enough support and you should go down a size.


You Wear Your Bra On The Last Hook

Cosmopolitan noted that if you're wearing your bra on the last hook and still don't feel supported, you could be wearing the wrong size.


You Have Space Between Your Cup And Your Boob

Before I got fit for my bra size, I would notice that there would be a gap between my bra cup and my boob. Originally, I just took it as me needing to tighten up my straps, but after getting fitted, I realized it was because I was wearing the incorrect size.


You Have Too Much Spillage

According to Bustle, if your cups are running over you should go up a bra size.


The Cup Is Wrinkly

If your bra cups have dimples or wrinkles in them, your bra is too big and you should go down a size, Cosmopolitan noted.


You Have Back Bulge

According to Seventeen, having back bulge comes from the squeezing of your skin from your bra being too tight. It may do you some good to do up a size.


You're Not Comfortable

Though this should be an obvious indicator that you're not wearing the right bra, Glamour wrote that odd pressure — especially in the areas where the cups meet, along the curve of the underwires, where the straps meet the cups or bands, or under the armpit — you should try a different size.


You've Had A Change In Your Weight

Different life factors such as stress, a new baby, or weight loss, can cause your body to change. If you've experienced a weight loss or gain recently and haven't gone bra shopping, you could be wearing the wrong bra size, Buzzfeed wrote.


The Middle Of The Bra Doesn't Lie Flat

Cosmopolitan wrote that if the "gore" of your bra is not flat against your sternum, your bra is not the right fit and it will not support your properly.


You Show Underboob When You Raise Your Arms

My older sister, who wears a larger size than me, said that she knew she was wearing the incorrect bra size before she went to get fitted because she had underboob every time she went to raise her arms.


The Band Rides Up Your Back

Michelle Lam of online bra shop True & Co. told Glamour that, "if the band is riding up on your back toward the shoulder blades, it doesn't fit correctly. It should be horizontal on the torso."