11 Signs You've Found Your Sexual Soulmate

by Autumn Jones

If your bedroom walls could talk, they just might make you blush. From red hot lovers to disappointing duds, you've taken chances in the name of lust and have the stories to prove it. But currently your sex life is so hot, you're thinking of keeping a fire extinguisher under your bed — which is definitely a sign you've found your sexual soul mate.

You may have had a hunch the first time the two of you met between the sheets that this was unlike anyone you'd every been with before. Maybe you worried that mentioning just how amazing things were would jinx the situation, and the passion would disappear. But that's the difference between one night of mind blowing sex and a sexual soul mate — a soul mate can't be jinxed and the earth-shaking sex keeps on happening night after night.

It's all about the connection between the two of you. Even fully clothed, your sexual chemistry is so steamy it can peel paint off the wall. And although this feels incredible, there's more to a deep, soulful connection than just pure passion. All the components of being soul mates have to be in place for the sexual part to work as well as it does.

If you think you've found the one your orgasms can't live without, look over these 11 signs you've found your sexual soul mate and see how many you can check off the list.


You Don't Even Want To Go Out

When you pass on plans to do anything because you'd rather stay home in bed with your partner, it's a sure sign that you two were made for each other. Even your favorite restaurant sounds like the lamest night out in comparison.


They Know What To Do Without Instructions

As Psychology Today explained, sexual compatibility is necessary for satisfaction, and with a sexual soul mate, satisfaction is a guarantee. When it comes to what you like in bed, the two of you are synced, and because of this you both know exactly what to do to make the other explode.


They Compliment You

No only do they complement you like a good Pinot Noir complements a juicy steak, they literally give you compliments in bed and after the deed. Which is just another reminder that a little flattery may get you anywhere.


They're Selfless

When you're with this person, you don't need a reason to stop faking orgasms because every one is real. Your sexual soul mate always makes sure you get what you need, even if that means they have to wait their turn.


You're Turned On By Their Touch

When you have that special chemistry happening, something as small as a touch from their pinky finger will send your body into full on quakes.


You Can't Make It Through Dinner Without Touching

It's no surprise you can't keep your hands to yourself, even when the most mouth watering bowl of expertly made ramen is sitting in front of you. According to Psychology Today, your instincts are wired for touching, and you seem to know how to use it without instruction. Let's face it, the right touches feel so good.


You Feel 100 Percent Comfortable

Any inkling of body image issues or sexual performance anxiety flew out the window the moment the two of you got naked together. You are completely at ease and comfortable together, no matter what position you're in.


You Want To Try New Things Together

Everyone has different preferences for turn-on', and experimenting with your partner feels right when you're sexual soul mates.


Other People Can Sense Your Sparks

When you have that mad love chemistry, the people around you can practically see the electricity passing between the two of you. If your friends are commenting on your palpable attraction, you can be certain you've found your sexual soul mate.


You Don't Fantasize About Other People

You are so happy and content with this person, you don't have sexual fantasies about anyone else. Even when People magazine reveals the hottest and sexiest people of the year, you don't even both to flip through the pages.


You Always Know You're Safe

Aside from all the sweaty love you're making, you know that if you say stop at any moment, your partner is going to stop. Immediately. No questions asked. You can't have a healthy relationship of any kind without trust and safety, especially in sexual relationships.