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11 Sister Memes From A Brother, Because Your Relationship Is Literally Too Much

National Siblings Day gets a lot of attention these days, especially on social media. It's a super fun way to show your appreciation for your precious siblings in a public realm, and often, it leads to hilarious tweets and memes. The best part about these tweets and memes is that they're so relatable and will bring up all the memories and stories from your childhood. Growing up with a sibling is the ride of a lifetime, and everything is so much funnier after you've all grown up, so here are some sister memes from a brother for National Siblings Day to help you celebrate.

Brothers are truly one of a kind, and if you are one, or have one, I'm sure you can relate. Brothers are the ones who will spend all of their time trying to annoy you to no end while simultaneously telling you what to do all the time. But, they're also the ones who will protect you to no end. Brother and sister relationships are extremely complex and layered and unique — and they're also hilarious.

I'm sure you have your own brother/sister stories from your childhood, and National Siblings Day is an awesome day to celebrate these tales with your siblings. Start with a meme and go down that rabbit hole that is memory lane. After all, the best part of siblings is the fact that they have known you for basically your whole life and loved you for that same amount of time. That's something worth celebrating, for sure.


Conversation Killer

Let's face it, sisters can be a little chatty, and you're constantly getting interrupted and corrected. Oh well, they're probably just setting you up for the real world, right?


The Competition Is Endless

There's no doubt that you'd throw down for your sister, but when you were a kid, most of your time was figuring out how to get rid of her.


Scapegoat Sister

Yes, it's true. The best part of having a sibling is probably having someone to point to when your parents ask why the lamp is broken.


Second Child Syndrome Is Real

If you have an older sister, you can hold it over their head for the rest of time — after all, as the second child, you basically had to raise yourself, right?


When Your Sister Was Born

If you're the older sibling, you were probably a tot when your sister was born, and undoubtedly, you acted like she didn't exist until she was actually big enough to not ignore any longer.


I'll Meet You In The Hallway After Bathtime

Plenty of sibling battles are fought in the side alleys of the house, away from the watchful eyes and ears of your parents.


Permanent Plaything

Sisters are basically someone that you can poke and trip for 18 (or more) years, and in return, they'll ruin your every plan. Thanks, sis.


You Have Your Own Language

Regardless of the arguments and fights, sisters and brothers are lifelong pals. This often includes having your own private language and a line of telepathy that goes straight from your head to theirs.


Are You Alive? OK, Don't Tell Mom

OK, sure, sometimes those fights get a bit reckless, but no one will be there for you more than the person who just smashed your head into the wall. That's just way the siblings work.


Life Is A Constant Game Of Dibs

I'm sorry, did you call your seat? If not, it's mine now. Sucka.


No One Is More Proud Or More In Charge

Your sister might end up your punching bag and person-to-blame, but there's no doubt that they light your life as well. And the way your relationship grows as you both get older is only telling of that. But, you're still the boss though.

National Siblings Day is a great day to celebrate your special brother and sister relationship, but the real prize is having that sibling in the first place. Especially when you need someone to blame, right?

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