11 'SNL' Gift Ideas For Fans Who Can Act Out Any & Every Sketch

For 41 seasons, Saturday Night Live has been giving the world hilarious sketches, characters, and catch phrases that have become part of the daily vernacular. It's hard for anyone to bring a tin of rum balls to a party without another guest asking, "Did you make these Schweddy Balls yourself?" And by anyone, I mean a die-hard SNL fan. If you have a person like that in your life, then it only make sense to give them one of the many SNL gifts this holiday season.

Many memorable sketches — both old school and new — are made favorites by an outrageous character, a hilarious one liner, or a universal sentiment we can all relate to, and many of these celebrated sketches make for some great merchandise. The shirts, mugs, books, and novelty items that accompany your favorite SNL moments will make you laugh as hard as the first time you saw Will Ferrell play his heart out on that damn cow bell. As much as you would like to grab up all these goodies for yourself, remember that these laugh out loud treasure make for unique and fun gifts.

If you are shopping for a Saturday Night Live fan, consider one of these 13 gifts inspired by the shows most beloved sketches and characters. Giving one of these gifts, you're sure to become their new favorite person.


"More Cow Bell" Mug

You know what your morning coffee could use? A "More Cow Bell" mug ($15).


A Replica D*ck In The Box

Step 1: Order the box. Step 2: Put on the box Step . . . well, you know the rest. This replica d*ck in the box ($20) from musical short is perfect for a white elephant gift exchange or the ultimate, committed SNL fan.


Chris Farley iPhone Case

Chris Farley iPhone case, $10, Amazon

Keep your favorite comedian in your pocket with the Chris Farley iPhone case.


'Live From New York'

Live From New York, $21, Amazon

Get in on all the behind the scenes stories and gossips you always dreamed of, with a copy of Live From New York.


Stefon Print

SNL Stefon print, $5, Etsy

Stefon's appearances on "Weekend Update" always included a list of the most outrageous and hottest things to do when visiting New York. Now, the raving can be about about your home with this SNL Stefon print that would be hilarious in any room of your house.


Schweddy Balls Decal

Schweddy Balls Decal, $3, Etsy

It just wouldn't be the holiday's without a platter of Pete Schweddy's finest. Rock this Schweddy Balls decal anywhere it will stick.


Debbie Downer Christmas Card

Debbie Downer Christmas card, $5, Etsy

Send a hilariously depressing greeting to your friends with this Debbie Downer Christmas card.


Tina & Amy Action Figures

Tina and Amy action figures, $32, SNL Store

If anyone buying me a gift is reading, I will take a set of these Tina and Amy action figures for my office, please.


Gilly Gummy Heart Candy

Gilly Gummy Heart Candies, $10, SNL Store

Say "sorry," with these sweet and sour Gilly gummy heart candies. They're guaranteed to bring forgiveness and a laugh.


Target Lady Magnet

Target Lady Magnet, $4, Redbubble

Your refrigerator will get a whole lot cooler sporting this Target Lady magnet.


Drunk Uncle Bottle Opener

Who always has a bottle opener? Drunk Uncle. Make sure every holiday host on your list can open their beer with this Drunk Uncle bottle opener ($13)

Images: NBC Universal