11 St. Patrick's Day Memes To Get You In The Irish Mood

In my family, St. Patrick’s Day is an esteemed holiday. I’m about 99 percent Irish, which means my family celebrates not only with whisky, the color green, and Irish drinking songs, but with things like soda bread, corn beef and cabbage, and a dash of family history. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have born into such an esteemed heritage. The Internet doesn’t make St. Patrick’s Day memes dedicated to soda bread. For most people, St. Patrick’s Day is about pretending to be Irish by drinking lots of green beer, pinching people who aren’t wearing green, and attempting to keep up with a few actual Irish brethren.

It’s a day where work and school should by all accounts be cancelled, so that you can belly up to a bar and be festive. It’s a day that appeals to anyone who likes to drink (and especially those who like to drink a lot). It’s a day that the Irish embrace, it’s a day where nobody utters a bad word against the Irish, and it’s a day that you learn to love, regardless of your heritage. So put on your drinking pants, grab your nearest green item of clothing, and prepare yourself. Because St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and these memes are here to get you started on the celebration.


I Don't Need An Excuse...

No, you really do need an excuse to drink in the morning. And St. Patrick's Day is that excuse.


Everyday Drinking

Spoken like a true Irishman, AKA the only people who survive St. Patrick's Day drinking without a wicked hangover the next day.


Drown Out The Loneliness

For those who aren't Irish, St. Patrick's Day is really an excuse to get than usual.


Everybody's Irish Today?

No, you are not Irish today just because you're drinking green beer. Just like I'm not Italian when I make spaghetti. Remember that.


Patrick's Day

The philosoraptor does bring up a good point... I'm sure every Patrick I know would be fine with dropping the "Saint" from the day.


Drunken Irish Baby

The stories of your St. Patrick's Day shenanigans will live on forever... if you can remember them.


The Shitshow Is Coming

Also known as "Amateur Day" among those of Irish descent, you should all brace yourselves for the onslaught of drunken tomfoolery that's coming your way.


Irish Or Not

Are you Irish? Have you been Irish your entire life? No? Then you're not Irish today, either. No, you're just looking for an excuse to get drunk.


Even Vegetables Are Irish

Even the vegetables from god's green earth are Irish today. (No, we didn't forget about the potatoes.)


Who Scheduled This?

Honestly, this is a legitimate question. The timing of this holiday is questionable at best.


Irish Stereotypes

Ah, nothing better than becoming an Irish stereotype because you hate Irish stereotypes, right?