11 'Stranger Things' Halloween Costumes For Toddlers

by Jill Di Donato

What do you get when you mix a sci-fi thriller, 1980s nostalgia, alternate dimensions, and kids with the most charisma since Harry Potter and his gang? You guessed it. Stranger Things was the breakout show of the summer, and no one is ready to forget about Eleven and the dopest boys in Hawkins, Indiana anytime soon. Unsurprisingly, Stranger Things Halloween costumes for toddlers are the most in demand this season, because, well, the kids rock. Also, kids on an illicit, renegade adventure with supernatural elements is the stuff Halloween is made of.

If you're a parent who knows what's up, you'll also know that dressing your toddler as part of the Stranger Things entourage will end up being a total blast. Gathering a bunch of friends and family to recreate the characters in this mega hit will ensure you're not only the coolest parents in the neighborhood, but also that you're having the most fun. Also, you know you want to celebrate the return of Winona Ryder's career by dressing as mamma of the year, Joyce Byers, so break out the Christmas lights early, get yourself a mullet wig and call it a day.

Plus, unlike Joyce's quest to find her son, these costumes do not require a ton of work, so aside from being on fleek, Stranger Things costumes for toddlers are also pretty simple DIY Halloween costume ideas.


Eleven With A Shaved Head

As a toddler, your little girl is likely not to have that much hair, which is perfect for Eleven's signature shaved-head look. As for her post-breakout of the Upside Down look, score an oversized yellow boy's t-shirt ($3 to $15) and pair with a blue jacket ($20) — you're going for a Member's Only vibe, but unless you're a super thrifter, that might be hard to find, so any old blue jacket will do. Tube socks ($10) and a pair of blue tennis shoes ($17 to $60) round out Eleven's signature outfit. This Coke can safe ($8) (remember when Eleven crushed a can of cola with her telekinetic powers) doubles as a place to stow the best candy.


Eleven Looking "Pretty ... Good" In A Dress And Wig

Remember when the guys transform Eleven into El, using Nancy's old pink pinafore and a blonde wig? She ends up looking "pretty ... good." Finding a pink toddler dress ($17 to $23) should be a breeze (just don't make it too fancy) and a blonde wig for kids ($12) that you can cut yourself should be easy. Just don't forget your Eggo waffles ($5).


The Monsters In The Upside Down

If you have a wild imagination, you can go crazy costuming the monsters of the Upside Down. Other than being inhabitants of a parallel universe, the monsters of the Upside Down have very little character development in Stranger Things.

Think Dungeons and Dragons meets E.T. and you might have a good idea of how to fashion your toddler and his or her buddies into the mystical monsters of this spooky world. A rubber snake ($9), silk maple leaves ($10), lots of nontoxic PVA slime ($16), and any creepy monster your imagination can fathom make this costume killer. Because you know the Demogorgon doesn't come without an entourage.



You can get a Dustin hat ($12) on Etsy; how cool is that? As for the signature t-shirt, you can score some pretty rad 80s style toddler tees ($21 to $28) that are brand new and distressed to look old. Recreate the '80s look with a pair of corduroy pants ($13) in any color you choose. Snag a toddler bomber jacket ($30 to $70) and round out with toddler Converse Chuck Taylor ($13 and up) sneakers. Don't forget the toddler backpack ($11). This should suffice as the Stranger Things boys uniform. Add in a vintage 1980s walkie-talkie ($9) and inexpensive vintage compass ($7) to finish up your toddler's costume.



Tough guy Lucas is the perfect costume for your badass toddler. His 1980s style is as on fleek as his attitude. For the signature t-shirt, you can score some pretty rad '80s style toddler tees ($21 to $28) that are brand new and distressed to look old. Add in a pair of corduroy pants ($13) in any color you choose, snag a toddler bomber jacket ($30 to $70), and round out with toddler Converse Chuck Taylor ($13 and up) sneakers. Don't forget the toddler backpack ($11). Lucas flaunts his individual style with a camo-print bandana ($7), an easy enough look to recreate.

A vintage 1980s walkie-talkie ($9) will help you win Halloween, but it's the Schwinn 12-inch stability bike for toddlers ($99) that will really take this costume above and beyond. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty, so it's more than a Halloween splurge.



Not only is Mike super endearing, he's Eleven's love interest. So if your toddler has a mate, then this can make for a cute mini couple's costume. For Mike's simple look, snatch up an '80s style toddler tees ($21 to $28), a pair of corduroy pants ($13), a toddler bomber jacket ($30 to $70), and a pair of toddler Converse Chuck Taylor ($13 and up) sneakers. A 12-inch boys bike with training wheels ($80) and vintage 1980s walkie-talkie ($9) will ensure your toddler has a Halloween for the books.



Will is one tough kid, so if your toddler has an unwavering spirit and can persevere through anything, even an alternate dimension, then this is the costume for him. His look is 1980s geek-chic, which wasn't even a thing back in the day, but sure is now. Recreating his look shouldn't be difficult. Just grab and '80s style toddler tees ($21 to $28), some corduroy pants ($13), a toddler bomber jacket ($30 to $70), and a cool pair of toddler Converse Chuck Taylor ($13 and up).

If your toddler is too small for a boy's stability bike, you can recreate Will's look with a Radio Flyer Classic trike ($59). Although Will leaves his bike behind after being chased by the Demagorgon into the Upside Down, a bike is a prop that's essential to Will's character development. Plus, how much fun will your tot have riding around in a Radio Flyer?


The Demogorgon

What's Halloween without a little (OK a lot) of slime? Dressing your toddler as the Demogorgon is a little creepy, but super easy. And very messy, so if you're a neat freak, you might want to rethink.

Start with a tan-colored footsie coverall ($20). Order some nontoxic PVA slime ($16) that you will smear all over the coverall, to recreate the Demogorgon's unsightly skin condition. Pair with creepy bulging eye glasses ($7 for three pairs). There you have it; your toddler is a little monster for one night.



The key to recreating Nancy's look is to think in pastels. Her look is everything frilly and pink about the 1980s, so if you happen to have any vintage Benetton, you're in luck. You can also shop the Benetton kids' collection, or just pick up a pair of stone washed toddler jeans ($23) to pair with a white lace blouse ($8) and lots and lots of pastel barrettes ($7).

Nancy is sugar and spice and everything nice, but don't forget that she wields and axe, which she and Jonathan use to attack the Demogorgon. You can snag an inexpensive and plastic toy axe ($7) to pair with some 1980s copies of Teen Beat ($20).



If your son is an older brother, you've got to make him Jonathan. Because, really, who could ask for a more devoted bro? The key to his look is layering lots of jackets. You can score a Carter's flannel shirt and pant set ($28) and a top that outfit off with a leather motorcycle jacket ($35). Pop all the collars, and you're good to go.

And don't forget Jonathan's camera, which you can recreate with a toddler-friendly Fischer Price toy camera ($17), which will give you plenty of 1980s nostalgia.



If your toddler is a red head, is there really any other costume for you to choose from? To recreate Barb's mauve corduroy pants, you can dress your toddler in Carter's denim leggings ($12) that you can totally repurpose. Pair with a Peter Pan-style blouse ($8 to $11), and a pair of vintage-style oversize sunglasses for kids ($10) with the lenses popped out. To keep your toddler warm and recreate Barb's oh-so-'80s quilted puffer jacket, select a blue coat ($28) that's as close as possible. As a good student, Barb is always carrying around her notes, which you can recreate with a nostalgic black and white Composition Notebook ($4).