11 Subscription Boxes For Kids That They'll *Actually* Love Playing With

Gift stress is real. It happens when you really want to get someone something fabulous. Wandering around Toys "R" Us is okay and there are online sales that are a few clicks away, but wouldn't it be terrific to get a gift that doesn't just come around the holidays, but three, six or twelves times a year? If this scenario sounds great to you, here are some awesome kid-friendly subscription boxes filled with toys and activities to delight your little ones nonstop.

There is a wide variety of subscription boxes for almost every interest your child might have, including STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math), geography, crafts, reading and sports. Many boxes cater to a parent's ongoing quest to enrich their kids, even in unexpected ways. With gift box subscriptions, the (disguised) learning keeps going throughout the year. For the kids who live in your house, you get to experience the excitement of a wrapped box being opened multiple times. If the children in your life don't live nearby, how great is it to send them a reminder of your love throughout the year? Know any grandparents who try hard at gifting but never quite seem to get it? Consider forwarding them this article to start their gift juices flowing.

The nicest part of these boxes? Many of them include activities you can enjoy along with the kids — a wonderful bonus. And who knows, maybe you'll learn something new, too.


For The Bookworm

Book of the Month (from $20/month, Gift Lit).

Whether you have a child who lights up when they receive a new book or one who is more reluctant, this is a great way to add some excitement to reading. This gift box can be tailored to the child's age and interests.


For The Kid Who Could Play All Day

Educational Toys ($50/month, Skip and Play)

Skip and Play does the leg work for you to find your baby or toddler age-appropriate, educational, stimulating toys by working with developmental experts and consulting directly with the toymakers to find the best toys for each stage of childhood. When ordering, you are given the option of specifying your child's gender or going with gender-neutral toys.


For The Budding Engineer Or Scientist

STEAM Crafts And Activities (from $17/month, Kiwi Co)

This box encourages kids, from 0-16 years of age, to engage in hands-on STEAM projects and activities designed to stimulate their curiosity. No matter how old they are, there is curated selection filled with appropriate activities available.


For The Budding World Traveler

World Exploration Activities (from $13/month, Little Passports)

Kids of all ages can learn about geography, travel, history and culture around the world through the stickers and activities that are included in these boxes that mimic old school suitcases. Depending on their age, there is an appropriate kit that starts with the Early Explorers package (ages 3-5) and goes up to the Science Expeditions kit for kids 9 and up.


For The Child Who Needs Some Sensory Play

Sensory Toys (from $40/month, Cratejoy)

Appropriate for all children, but especially geared towards those on the autism spectrum, as well as those with sensory processing disorder, this box includes toys, like playdough, coloring books and play foam, that "encourage the development of important sensory motor skills and are both calming and therapeutic," as described on CrateJoy.


For The Sports Nut

Athletic Boxes (from $27/month, Sports Box Co.)

This one is great for the kid who won't put down their basketball or sleeps with their baseball glove. Each box is customized by sport, as well as age and skill level, and contains training aids, gear and other fun sports items.


For The Smart Girl

Girls Can! Crate (from $30/month, Cratejoy).

Inspired by astronaut Sally Ride's quote, "You can't be what you can't see," each box focuses on an admirable woman in history and contains a 20-page activity book, two to three hands-on STEAM activities, and fun play props.


For The Puzzle Solver

Escape Game (from $30/bi-monthly, Cratejoy). `

This brings the whole "Escape The Room" craze into your living room every other month (it's a bi-monthly subscription) and for much less money than it would cost to bring the whole family there. Break out of the room by solving puzzles, cracking codes, and answering questions.


For The Philanthropist

Craft Project For Charity (from $25/month, Cratejoy)

Each month your child will receive a craft project they can do and then donate to a worthy cause. The kits include an explanation of who will be benefiting from the craft as well as a pre-paid mailer to send the craft to the charity. It's a great way for them to appreciate the joy of receiving, creating and giving through arts and crafts projects.


For The Astronaut

Space Postcards (from $3/month, Space Mail Pal)

Your 4-11 year-old child can have a (pretend) astronaut pen pal and learn about space travel and astronomy. Written by a PBS Kids scriptwriter, from one to four times a month the kids will receive personalized notes from Astronaut Neil and Robot Sally chronicling their space adventures and helping your child work on their literacy skills as well as teach them about celestial bodies, like stars and planets, and space exploration.


For The Princess

Disney Princess Box (from $23, Pley)

Give your Disney Princess-loving child the gift of fantasy and royal imaginings all year long. For kids ages 4-9, each box contains toys, activities and fashion accessories to turn your little one into Disney royalty.

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