11 Subtle Habits You Don't Realize Make People Really Uncomfortable

For the past few years, I've suffered from anxiety. Sometimes I know why I have it, and other times I'm not sure where it comes from. Regardless of the reason behind it, I often get really uncomfortable because of it. I never noticed it much before I started having anxiety issues, but now I know that there are subtle habits you don't realize make people really uncomfortable. Although there are many habits that make me uncomfortable, I'm sure that there are things that I do to make others uncomfortable, too.

One instance that I remember when I became very uncomfortable with someone's habits was during one of my flights out of town. There was a girl sitting next to me that continued to rub the top of her hands until they turned red. I'm sure it was a way to calm herself down before takeoff, but it activated my anxiety and made me very uncomfortable. Though that may have been something that would make many people uncomfortable, there are plenty of other common things that are done that make people uncomfortable, too.

Not sure what some of those things could be? These 11 habits could help you out.


Sitting Too Close To Someone

Though it may seem harmless, having someone sit too close can be something that makes others uncomfortable because it feels like there's no personal space. For me, when I'm in a place that has many empty seats, having someone sit directly next to me is both uncomfortable and confusing.


Standing Too Close When Talking

Another thing that could make someone uncomfortable is having another person stand too close to talk to them. This could also be a thing that makes others feel as if invasion of privacy or personal space is happening.


Looking At Others While Talking

Although I'm not sure how many people feel this way, I feel uncomfortable looking at someone in the eyes when talking to them. My mom always told me it can be seen as disrespectful not to, but it's just something that I'm not comfortable doing for more than a few seconds.


Always Saying "I'm Busy"

Hearing someone always say that they're busy is a way to be uncomfortable, too. For me, hearing people say that makes me feel as if I'm not doing enough and that I could possibly be slacking on being my best self.


Seeing Others Anxious

According to Psychologium, seeing others anxious can make some people uncomfortable. People who are highly anxious may tend to avoid friendships or intimate relationships, which will cause those around them to become uncomfortable around them.


Forcing Conversation

Succeed Socially noted that having to make conversation makes people uncomfortable. Some people may worry that they will come off badly or awkward to others while talking, so it becomes an uncomfortable situation for them.



Much like making conversation, people become uncomfortable with having to network, according Lifehack. This could be because they do not do well with being social or have a fear of rejection.


Relating Every Story Back To You

Hearing someone always relating the story that's being told back to them can become an uncomfortable situation to be in. Whether it's because it seems like they're not telling the truth or just because they seem vain, the situation can become very uncomfortable for those experiencing it.


Complimenting Someone

Being complimented on my looks, my work ethic, or even my cooking tends to make me uncomfortable. I tend to fumble over my words and dull down the hard work that someone has just complimented me on so that I won't seem too into myself. It's really uncomfortable to have someone notice good things about you, but people should do a better job at celebrating themselves to get comfortable with it.


Having To Make A Decision

Sometimes, making even the easiest decision can be uncomfortable for many. For me, the fear of choosing wrong always comes into play and makes me second guess what I'm choosing to do.



Though exercising is a great way to boost your confidence, it can also be something that makes people feel uncomfortable. From not being sure how to use the machines to being insecure about your weight, exercising can make those doing it very uncomfortable.