11 Subtle Signs You Aren't Meant To Be In A Relationship

Relationships can be some of the most loving and life changing experiences that anyone has. When you've learned to love selflessly and unconditionally, being in relationship can take you to new and exciting heights. There are some instances, however, that can prove that you may not be ready for that experience. Even if you're already with someone, there are always subtle signs you aren't meant to be in a relationship that you should take note of. And, the signs don't always have to be from your partner.

When you're faced with the issue of determining whether or not a relationship is for you, take a step back and see what your life would be like if they weren't in it. Would you gain or lose from their absence? Is your focus better with or without them around? Are you supportive of one another or do you just do your own things without including the other? These are all important things to think about when it comes to being in a relationship. Once you know what your answers are, you can either adapt to fixing them or you can go your separate ways. Either way, you should be doing what's best for you and the other person.

Though some signs are blatant, these 11 subtle signs are some that you should take note of, too.


You're Still Selfish

If you haven't gotten to the point where you understand that being in a relationship requires you to think of someone other than yourself, then that may be a subtle sign that you aren't meant to be in a relationship. It's totally normal to be selfish sometimes, but just not at all times.


You Still Think About Your Ex

Though you may have times where your ex crosses your mind, always thinking about your ex is an issue, The Bolde noted


You're Not Too Confident In Yourself

Constantly needing to reassured by your partner or feeling as if you're not good enough for them is a sign that you may need to be by yourself. This feeling could stem from your own self-esteem issues or it could come from something that your partner is doing in the relationship. Either way, you should take some time to yourself to resolve it.


There's More Sacrifice Than Compromise

When it comes to relationships, there should always be more compromise than there is sacrifice. If you find yourself giving in more than meeting in the middle, you shouldn't be in that relationship.


You're More Interested In Their Future Than Your Own

Having the support of your significant other is something that everyone wants. However, if you spend more time investing in their future than you do in your own, you should take some time off from dating and grow your own interests.


You're Choosing Potential Over Reality

Seeing someone's potential can be a truly beautiful thing, but it can also be blinding and misleading. There's a big difference between someone's potential and their reality if they're not working to make them become one. Pay attention to the signs and don't get trapped.


You're Exhausted When Dealing With Them

eHarmony noted that feeling emotionally drained after spending time with your partner is a sign that you aren't meant to be the relationship. Spending time with your partner should be a joyous experience, not one that leaves you drained and unhappy.


You Cringe When You Have To Spend Time With Their Family

It's not uncommon to have one or two issues with your significant other's family, but if you've met their parents and you just don't like them, this is an issue, according to The Huffington Post. Try asking yourself if the person has a family that you would want to be apart of before you convince yourself that this is the relationship for you.


You're Always In A Relationship

The Bolde also noted that if you've never taken the time to be single, you shouldn't be in a relationship. Being a serial dater never gives you the time to figure out who you are or what you truly need.


You Don't Have The Same End Goal

If you're with someone that doesn't see the future the way you do, then you shouldn't be in a relationship. Sure, people change their mind sometimes, but if you're looking for marriage and they're not, you could really be wasting your time with them.


You're Wearing A Mask When Around Them

Do you ever feel like you have to pretend to be someone you're not or walk on eggshells when around the person you're dating? According to eHarmony, you shouldn't be with someone if you can't be yourself, as you'll never be happy in the situation.