11 Ways Your Body Says "Here's Your Soul Mate"

It's easy to have a physical connection with someone you find attractive, but it's rare to feel an intense soul connection with another person. So how can you be sure you've found a mate far superior to any other? One you could spend the rest of your life with? You have to take notice of the subtle signs your body sends to indicate your partner is your soul mate, to keep you from wasting one more minute fantasizing that there is someone better out there. Because once you're with your soul mate, you tend to forget that there are even other options at all.

For some it may be love at first sight. For others it can be a slow, gradual realization that they have met the person that is their other half. Like Emily Bronte wrote in Wuthering Heights, "whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same." Discovering you're with your soul mate brings not only the peace of mind that the search is over, but reminds you that you're part of something extraordinary. If you're still not sure that your partner is your soul mate, these subtle, physical signs will help you decide if they are the one.


You're Energized Around Them

Connecting and falling in love with someone causes a chemical reaction in the brain. When you're with "the one," the pleasure chemical, dopamine, is released, causing you to feel energized and uber happy when you're with them, according to Health magazine.


You Feel Tipsy

If dopamine is the happy hormone, oxytocin is the love hormone. As the website for CNN reported, both being in love and drinking alcohol have similar effects on the body. Feeling less inhibited, fearful, and anxious, and more aggressive and boastful are common responses when under the influence of oxytocin.


You Instantly Feel Different

Love at first sight isn't just a saying, it's a scientific fact. In a study conducted by Syracuse University psychology professor Stephanie Ortigue, results revealed that falling in love only takes a fifth of a second, Science Daily reported.


Your Heart Skips A Beat

From a strong thudding to a quick pitter-patter, your heart is going bonkers every time your SO walks in the room. As Women's Health magazine explained, being in love affects your hormone levels, decreasing your blood pressure and heart rate.


You're At Your Best

It takes someone super special to bring out the best in you just by simply being a part of your life. You know you've found your soul mate when you're the best version of yourself around them.


You Become A Little Territorial

A study published in the Journal of Personal Social Psychology explained that love can cause partners to become jealous and extra territorial of their counterparts. So feeling a little protecting of your SO is just a sign that you want them all to yourself — which is all well and good as long as things don't get too crazy.


You Communicate With Your Mind (Sort of)

When you find someone who can read your thoughts and respond to what you're thinking with just a glance, you've found the one with whom your soul was meant to be with. It's like their in your head in the best way ever.


You Find That Life Tastes Sweeter

Being in love can be the cherry on top of a good life, but finding your soul mate may alter your senses. According to the website for the American Psychological Association, research showed that feeling in love makes all foods taste sweeter.


You're Easily Distracted

Can't seem to focus on anything but your partner? It probably means they're a keeper. In the journal Motivation and Emotion, studies concluded that the early stages of love reduces your ability to concentrate.


You Feel Like You've Known Them Forever

If you feel like you've known your SO for longer than you can remember, maybe your souls have been traveling together for hundreds of years. If you believe in cosmic connections, then this is proof that there is no one else for you.


You're Eyes Tell You

Blushing may be associated with flirting, but when you've fallen hard, it's all in the eyes. According to the website for Cosmopolitan magazine, your pupils dilate at the sight of your heartthrob.