11 Summer Hairstyles That Put Humidity In Its Place

Oh, summer. Although I love to love the season, I also have reasons to hate it. Aside from the sweltering heat and hot steering wheels it brings along with it, the lack of respect it has for my hair is one of my main reasons for the love/hate relationship I have towards the season. Though summer nights are some of my favorite, the humidity of the warm and rainy days are the worst. Because humidity can turn a great hair day into a bad one real quick, which is why finding summer hairstyles that put humidity in its place is so very important.

When I was living in Florida, humidity ruined my life as often as it could. Though this was a year-round weather condition, I felt it most during the summer. There's no feeling worse than getting your hair exactly how you want it before leaving the house just to have it frizz up and poof out as soon as you walk out of the door. One thing I had to learn with both my natural and relaxed hair was that no matter how I wanted to wear it, I had to choose a style that would beat humidity at is game.

If mastering the above hasn't been one of your strong points in the past, these 11 hairstyles can help make you have some of the best hair days summer has ever seen.


Twisted Low Bun

Anyone with natural hair can tell you that when the heat strikes, your entire life is in danger. YouTuber A Shot of Jenn's twisted low bun hairstyle can help you get your 'do back in formation though.


Rainy Day Hairstyle

Whether the humidity is coming from the rain or the heat, Livie Grace XO's rainy day hairstyles are there to help.


5-Minute Updo

Quick, simple, and stylish, Dulce Candy's five minute updo tutorial is perfect for the girl on the go.


Side Bun

The key to beating the humidity with natural hair is to keep it as secure as possible. Naptural85's example of a side bun is a a great style to try.


Faux Mohawk Pull Through Braid

Hairstyle Confession's tutorial for the faux mohawk pull through braid is a cute and chic style that's exemplary for staying cute in the humid weather.


Lace-Rolled Updo

Though the Cute Girls Hairstyles YouTube recommends this style for any formal event you may be going to, the lace-rolled updo can be good for any humid day that you want to get out of the house.


Preppy Summer Updo

Naptural85 seems to have all the perfect styles when it comes to beating the heat for naturals. This preppy summer updo is cute and humidity proof.


Quick Messy Bun Updo

With minimal materials needed, Luxy Hair's tutorial for this quick and messy bun updo could quickly turn into an everyday style for the ladies.


Headwrap and Turban Styles

Kilahmazing's quick and lovely headwrap and turban style tutorials are a top pick when it comes to keeping your natural hair away from the humidity.


Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids aren't just a popular style to hang out in. It turns out they're actually good to keep your hair in tact during humidity as well. Meghan Rienks tutorial for the easiest way to get it done will have you running to this style every chance you get.


Natural Hair Topknot

Keeping your natural hair moisturized and out of reach is a great option for those extra humid days. Essence magazine gives a beautiful topknot look to supply another option for your hairstyle needs.