11 Surprising Foods That Make You Look & Feel Bloated

Nothing crashes your food party like a case of bloat. When that belly expands and those pants become snug, there's nothing you want more than to slip into your trusty sweatpants and call it a night. You may be shocked to learn that it's not just the usual suspects that can make you swell up after noshing. Beyond the beans are a whole group of surprising foods that make you look and feel bloated. So if you've been wondering why you need to unbutton your jeans after a night of sushi, you can point the finger at edamame, because it is totally to blame.

Most of these foods appear to be completely innocuous, but lurking beneath their healthy exterior are undigestible sugars and fibers that are just too much for your gut to handle. Sure, you avoid too much salt and pass on the stuff that's too spicy, but never in your wildest dreams did you imagine fruits and veggies would betray your belly. The good news is, although these foods may cause bloat, they are still nutritious and an important part of a healthy diet — you'll just need to regulate portions, eat them slowly, and cook them enough to help in digestion.

The next time you find yourself reaching for those sweatpants, take a look at your diet and see if you're eating too much of these 11 foods that surprising make you look and feel bloated.



You love it in a smoothie or sauteed with some potatoes, but you won't be loving on kale when your fighting the bloat. According to the Washington Post, eating too much raw kale can cause bloating. So if you love those leafy greens too much to cut back, just make sure to cook them to avoid a bloated belly.



This stand by veggie has great health benefits, but as Reader's Digest pointed out, broccoli can cause gas and bloating. Try eating it slowly to avoid these uncomfortable side effects.



Those little green peas may look cute and harmless, but lurking inside is a tiny bloat fest. As Everyday Health pointed out, the soluble fiber in peas make them a top contender for bringing on the bloat.



Trust me, I know this one is hurts, but all that cheesy goodness takes a toll on your belly. According to Women's Health magazine, dairy takes a long time to digest, and in the process the bloat sets in. So when noshing on cheese, take it slow and try to avoid pairing it with breads. (It's OK to start crying, I feel your pain.)


Brussels Sprouts

Mama always said to eat your vegetables, but she didn't warn you that chowing on some could make your pants tight. According to Woman's Day magazine, Brussels sprouts can cause bloating and make it hard to button those jeans if you have too many.


Sugarless Candy

You may be cutting back on sugar, but those sugarless candies can create some serious bloating. The culprit is sorbitol, which causes bloating because it is not digestible and your stomach enzymes can't keep up, according to Fitness magazine. Look out for this artificial sweetener commonly used in soda, gum, and candy.



All that yummy slaw on your fish tacos may be the reason you wish you'd worn yoga pants to the taqueria. Cabbage causes bloat because of an undigestible sugar called raffinose, according to Health magazine. So remember to eat it in small doses.



Blame it on the sugar, which is what makes apples hard to digest. As Women's Health pointed out, even though apples are packed with gut-friendly fiber, they also contain an amount of sugar that takes awhile for your body to process.



It's easy to grab a few handfuls of these bad boys while waiting on your sushi, but too much edamame could leave your mid section felling stretched to the max. According to Health, soybeans have fiber and sugars that your body can't absorb.



Cherries are among the stone fruits that can make your stomach into knots. As Women's Health pointed out, cherries cause gas and bloat due to its high content of fermentable carbs. Other stone fruits to be cautious with: plums and avocados.