11 Sweet Mother's Day Gifts For Stepmoms That'll Melt Her Heart

Mother's Day can be a tricky day for some people; not everyone has the stereotypical "ideal" family with two biological parents, 2.5 children, and a golden retriever living together happily under the same roof. While I don't have a stepmom myself, I can appreciate that Mother's Day isn't always so simple. With two adopted kids, we try to honor both birth moms on Mother's Day, celebrating the theory that more love is better, and your stepmom would probably agree. Finding a great Mother's Day gift for your stepmom will make her feel included, and celebrating all of the people who have love to share in a family is an important part of the holiday.

Stepmoms come into most family situations at a little bit of a disadvantage: They maybe weren't there for some of the formative moments of your childhood or those firsts when you were a baby. But as an adoptive mom, I know that these things aren't what's most important. Being a mom is more than about birthing a baby. So why not show your stepmom appreciation for the love she gives and has given you over however long she's been on the picture.

If you have a stepmom and want to make her feel included, here are a few ideas for a sweet Mother's Day gift that'll melt her heart.


Engraved Bracelet

Engraved bracelet ($30, Etsy)

A bracelet that's engraved with the words, "You may not have given me the gift of life, but life has given me the gift of you!" is such a sweet gift option for a stepmom on Mother's Day. This bracelet comes in a range of different textures as well.



Farmer's Choice bouquet ($48, The Bouqs)

Sometimes going the simplest route is more than enough. Acknowledging your stepmom with a sweet gesture like a beautiful bouquet is a nice way to make her feel included.


Bonus Mom Tee

Bonus mom tee ($17, Etsy)

Sometimes stepmoms are called "bonus moms" — isn't that fun? So this tee is perfectly cheeky for that extra mom you're lucky to have: "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a bonus mom."


Pedicures Together

How about spending some time together doing something that's a little mother-daughter-ish, that's bound to make her feel included on Mother's Day. You can give her a gift card and the promise to redeem it together later, or make appointments for both of you.


Birthstone Necklace

Birthstone necklace ($58, Swarovski)

Something a little sparkly and meaningful at the same time, this necklace will let your stepmom know you're thinking of her on Mother's Day.


Thank You Print

Thank you print (from $18, Etsy)

This is a simple way to say thank you to your stepmom on Mother's Day that's extra personal. Have it framed for an extra fee and it's a one stop shop.


Fancy Chocolates

Knipschildt Assorted Chocolates ($64, Williams-Sonoma)

Fancy chocolates will make anyone feel loved and included on Mother's Day — much more than something you'd pick up at the drugstore!


Stepmomming Ain't Easy Mug

Stepmomming Ain't Easy Mug ($11, Etsy)

A cheerful acknowledgement that she doesn't have the easiest role in your family while she starts her day with her morning coffee will definitely make her know you're thinking of her.


A Brunch Date

Doing something with your stepmom to celebrate Mother's Day that you might do with your mother can quickly make her feel included. Pick a spot with a little atmosphere and get a little dressed up to make it an occasion.


"Thank You For Not Being An Evil Stepmother" Charm Bracelet

"Thank You For Not Being An Evil Stepmother" Charm Bracelet ($5, Etsy)

If your stepmom has a sense of humor, this is a pretty hilarious little card and charm bracelet to give her. "Thank you for not being an evil stepmother" might just be a nice compliment!


Ring Mom Necklace

Ring mom necklace ($89, Forever Mom)

If you're particularly close with your stepmom, how about a necklace with her name and her stepkids' names? That will surely make her feel loved and included each time she reaches for it.

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