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11 Target Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

by Lauren Schumacker

Raise your hand if you go to Target and leave with only the items you went there for to get. Any hands? Didn't think so. Practically anyone who has ever shopped at Target knows that, more often than not, you exit the store with more than you intended. I'll admit that I've been known to avoid the store entirely when I don't trust that I'll shop responsibly. You can't argue with the convenience of the store, though. You can get everything on your list (and the sometimes-dreaded "then some") in one go. There are plenty of Target hacks every mom needs to know in order to maximize on that convenience.

Moms are busy people. They need to juggle multiple schedules, remember all the details that would otherwise be forgotten, and stick to a budget, and then some. Not to mention, they have the same number of hours in the day as everyone else with which to accomplish all of that. It's only natural that they'd start looking for shortcuts to help them do more with less. (I do that too.) Try these super-smart and majorly useful 11 Target hacks to save time, money, and maybe also a little bit of sanity.


Shop Seasonal Items Early — Like Way Early

Looking to score holiday decor or even gifts in the most cost-effective way possible? Target offers deep discounts on items that are no longer timely, according to Shopping for the holiday that just passed is a good way to save.


Know The (Unofficial) Clearance Schedule

Your local Target just may follow an unofficial schedule for discounting specific departments on specific days. You can find the schedule published all over the internet (and I'm sure you've seen it pop up on Pinterest). A Target spokesperson told Good Housekeeping, however, that the stores don't have an official markdown schedule.


Download The Cartwheel App

Target Cartwheel (Free) is the store's coupon app that you can scan at checkout, along with other mobile coupons. Bonus: according to My Domaine, the more you use Cartwheel, the better the offers.


Save Your Receipt

Don't throw away your Target receipt. There are often deals to be had. Each receipt typically contains a coupon, according to AOL.


Check Social Media

Following Target on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can save you money. The accounts give you the scoop on new products and some sales. Plus, according to Good Housekeeping, Target partners with "fan" accounts like @targetdoesitagain to clue you in to upcoming sales and other discounts.


Take Advantage Of Rain Checks

If you narrowly miss a deal, no sweat. Business Insider noted that Target offers rain checks that are good for 45 for sold-out items that let you pick up the item for the sale price at any Target location.


Stack Your Coupons

Have more than one coupon? No problem. According to Good Housekeeping, Target lets you stack coupons, meaning no pesky cannot-be-combined limit.


Stop At The End Of The Aisle

Endcaps are the shelves that, you guessed it, cap off each end of an aisle. Those shelves often house discount or clearance items that were taking up room on other shelves. According to, the aisles specifically marked as "Clearance" will have deeper discounts.


Browse Other Stores First

Sure, it won't exactly save you time, but it could save you money. The official store site noted that Target matches the prices of many online competitors including Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco, and Walmart.


Head To The Pharmacy

Consider filling your prescriptions at your local Target pharmacy. Consumer Reports found that Target's drug prices are typically pretty significantly lower than grocery store pharmacies and drugstore chains.


Bring Your Bags With You

Hooray for sustainability. Target gives a 5 cent discount for each and every reusable bag you use. It hardly seems worth it, but with big Target hauls, that can really add up.