11 Thanksgiving Dishes You Shouldn't Eat When Pregnant

Thanksgiving, much like Halloween, has found a way to sneak up on us. Though I'm sure no one is complaining about the upcoming holiday that brings family and friends together, there's so much preparation that needs to be done for the day. And, for women who are pregnant, there are even more things that need to be done. Sure, Thanksgiving could seem to be a pregnant woman's dream because of all the dishes to choose from, but there are a few Thanksgiving dishes you shouldn't eat when pregnant that many women aren't aware of it.

Honestly, I was never really one to pay attention to the restrictions of food for pregnant women. Although I've never been pregnant myself, it seemed like my sister didn't have to stay away from anything when she was pregnant — especially during Thanksgiving. That, however, was something that I was wrong about because there are more foods that are harmful to pregnant women than I thought. Thanks to my older sister, I was able to see that there are some dishes that I should keep off of the menu this holiday season for my pregnant friends.

If you're not sure what you can or cannot put on your plate this Thanksgiving holiday, these 11 dishes will help you figure out what you should stray away from.


Brownie Batter

According to BabyCenter, eating brownie batter or licking the spoon is not good for women who are pregnant. Consumption of uncooked eggs runs your risk of being exposed to salmonella.


Undercooked Turkey

This is kind of a given for anyone, but Babble noted that pregnant women run the risk of salmonella when eating an undercooked turkey. Make sure your turkey is cooked to no less than 165 degrees.


Homemade Sauces & Creams

According to Very Well, eating homemade sauces and creams is a big no no for pregnant women at Thanksgiving because they can be made with unpasteurized eggs that increase the risk of salmonella.


Unpasteurized Soft Cheese

Baby Center noted that pregnant women should stay away from unpasteurized soft cheese because it can contain bacteria that causes infection.



Whether it's alcoholic or not, Pregnancy noted that eggnog shouldn't be on the menu for a pregnant woman Being that it consists of raw eggs, it can be dangerous for pregnant women to consume.


Raw Vegetables

Very Well noted that raw vegetables can be exposed to toxoplasmosis, which can be passed on to pregnant women. Even if they're washed properly, they can still be a danger.



Babble noted that bacteria can grow in stuffing, making it a danger to pregnant women.



She Knows noted that pâté can contain listeriosis, so it should not be consumed while pregnant.


Smoked Meats

Smoked meats can be contaminated with listeria, according to Very Well. Stay away from eating them during Thanksgiving if you're pregnant.


Unpasteurized Cider

Babbled noted unpasteurized cider can be an E.Coli risk for pregnant women. Though it may be tempting, try to stay clear of the fall favorite.


Imported Candies

Though very tasty, imported candies should not be consumed while pregnant this Thanksgiving because lead has been found in both the candies and the wrappers, according to She Knows.