11 Things A Man-Child Does In A Relationship

What woman hasn't dated the perfect guy... until he's anything but. He might be a blast to hang out with, but when he's not making you laugh he's probably making you want to tear your hair out. If that sounds familiar, your man may be more of a man-child than anything else. There are plenty of things a man-child does in a relationship that are capable of driving you insane, and any one of them may be enough to send you running for the hills.

A man-child is a male who simply refuses to grow up. No matter the age on his license, he might act like he's still in high school (or worse, elementary school). He's probably highly immature, and he might be looking more for a maid or a mom than an equal partner in a relationship. You'll find yourself managing his life for him, planning all your dates, perhaps all the while wondering just how important you are to him. It's an easy trap to fall into, but a harder one to get out of.

If you recognize any of these 11 behaviors, let's hope you're thinking of an ex you ditched a long time ago and not your current guy.


He Expects You To Wait On Him

Does your man expect you to clean up after him up, cook for him, do his laundry, and generally take care of all sorts of chores that he's perfectly capable of doing himself? If yes, that's a tell-tale sign of a man-child according the Guardian.


He Doesn't Do Anything Without Being Nagged

If you're secretly hoping that someday your guy will find the motivation to tackle his own to-do list, don't hold your breath. CafeMom noted a man-child isn't going to get much done without being nagged constantly.


He Flakes On Everything

A man-child may talk a good game, but his follow through will most likely be weak according to Bustle. He'll flake out on plans, break promises, and let you down time and time again.


He Avoids Commitment

A man-child isn't going to want to saddle himself with responsibilities that could force him to grow up. That's why he'll be reluctant to commit, according to Psychology Today.


He Won't Have A Serious Convo

A man-child avoids deep, soul-searching talks with you, according to YouQueen. Whether it's the status of your relationship, the future, or your life goals, a man-child doesn't want to hear it.


He's Glued To Video Games

Is your partner spending hours a day on video games or watching TV rather than doing anything productive? Sounds like a man-child, according to the Debrief.


He's Impulsive, In A Bad Way

A man-child is not going think much about the consequences of his action. One woman recounted for the Daily Mail how her man-child husband impulsively quit his job with no warning, and no forethought. Your partner may not go to that extreme, but if they're wasting money and acting recklessly, they've certainly got a lot of growing up to do.


He Overdoes It With Alcohol

Most of us leave our days of drinking too much behind us once we leave college. But a man-child drinks to excess way too often, according to Elite Daily. What's worse, he'll probably expect you to nurse his hangover.


He Points Fingers

Don't expect a man-child to take responsibility for his actions, according to the Daily Mail. Someone else will always be to blame for his problems.


He Trash Talks His Exes

A man-child is not going to be capable of taking the high road. That's why you're likely to hear them trash talk their exes, according to The Frisky. Although it may give you a bit of an ego boost to hear how every woman who came before you was a total loser, you could be the target of his mean jibes someday.


He Slacks As A Parent

You can't really be selfish while also being a good father, which is why a man-child is going to be a slacker in the parenting department according to Divorced Moms. How can someone who's always put themselves first suddenly put their own needs on the back burner?