11 Things Every '90s Kid Did In Gym Class

For some '90s kids, gym class was always the best time of the school day. For others it was hell, even if you weren't old enough to say the world our loud. The things every '90s kid did in gym class ranged from the normal to the bizarre, as Phys. Ed teachers made use of all the decade's trendy athletic toys, like butt scooters and Koosh balls, to try to pique kids interest in getting fit.

Yes, there were plenty of days when you'd avoid the competitive hour of recreation by complaining about cramps, which would earn you a one way ticket to the nurse's office (a trick you learned from your older sister, of course.) But looking back now, you may regret feigning your monthly visitor. Because back in the '90s, gym class was the bomb dot com. These were they days when working out was neatly scheduled into your day, right in between Geometry and English Lit. Now the idea of getting to the gym three times a week seems like a miraculous feat on its own, never mind how you actually perform in Zumba class. So, to show your appreciation for simpler times, when sweating in public was socially acceptable, reminisce with me about all the games you'd play (or feign injuries from to "sit out") during gym class in the '90s.


Capture The Flag

Also known as CTF, this game was major fun. It was more a game of strategy and alliances rather than a serious sport, but this was gym class, you weren't training for the Olympics.



Mia Hamm was everything in the '90s , and she made girls nationwide want to score power goals. There was no better time than gym class to practice your skills and #BeLikeMia.


Koosh Ball Catch

I was definitely a kid who needed all the encouragement to participate in school sports. To that end, my Phys. Ed teacher brought in Koosh balls for me and my squad to play catch. Hey, no judgment.



The rivalry between American gymnasts Kim Zmeskal and Shannon Miller in the '90s was too much too handle. And what about Dominique Dawes?! Such a superstar. Regardless of who you were rooting for, you begged your gym teacher to let you walk the balance beam and volley onto that vault.


Hot Shot Basketball

This was another fun game for those who found gym class challenging. With its pint-sized ball and hoop, Hot Shot Basketball gave '90s kids like me who couldn't dribble for squat, a chance to dunk.



The only thing that got me motivated to participate in this game was MTV's Rock N' Jock All Stars Game. What can I say? Team sports made me super nervous as a kid. As I aged, I got over my fear of being up at bat... sort of.


Run Track

Florence Griffith-Joyner and Jackie Joyner-Kersee gave girls some major inspiration to run like the wind and push themselves to their physical limits. I especially loved running track in gym class because I could fly solo, and feel like no one was watching.


Jump Rope

Come on, ladies. Double dutch was fun even for those lacking coordination. What other time in school were you encouraged to jump around?


Step Aerobics

My awesome female Phys. Ed teacher brought in this weird colorful plastic block and told the class it was the key to staying fit. I stepped up my game, or at least gave it my best try.



I believe I broke my friend's nose during a volleyball game in gym class. Oops!



Maybe because this game was relatively low-pressure or maybe it was because I didn't psych myself out, but this was my favorite gym class game. I even felt like a real athlete when I scored.