11 Things Every Cool '90s Girl Did During Recess

Are the things every cool '90s girl did during recess so different than what cool girls do today during those outdoor breaks between class? Maybe some of these recess activities are so cool, they've withstood the test of time and have endured. Some of the others, well, they might seem a bit dated.

But I want to pause a minute and think about how cool the idea of recess is. You don't really get recess when you're a grown up. At least, not in the same way. Maybe there's just something about experiencing unstructured free time that made recess in the '90s, at least for me, a total blast. If someone asked me what I'd do during recess as an adult, I'd probably opt for a nap. But as a kid in the '90s, groove was in the heart and every moment of recess was time to let loose. I have to admit, I loved school, my squad, and all the schemes I'd concoct with my friends, many of which were dreamed up in recess. Don't get me wrong, I also welcomed a break from long division and the history of irrigation in Mesopotamia. But I had some of the best times of my life during recess, when the world seemed to stand still. Here's some of the things I did, how about you?


Play Soccer

Just as athletic as dodge ball, but without the aggression, soccer was the cool game to play during recess.



Well, duh.


Play Ultimate Frisbee

This was my jam! Probably because it's a no-contact sport.



Cool girls used recess to get their work done. In my school recess was an all-access pass to the library!


Play M.A.S.H.

On rainy days, or those times you wanted to chill with your girls, all you'd need was a pad and pencil, and your life as an adult would be decided by your real estate: Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House. My squad also had some spin-off games, but those are still classified. Sorry. Tweens these days can play the game on their phones.


Trade Stickers

My sticker book was on fleek in the '90s, and I took pride in my collection. But that didn't mean I wasn't always on the prowl for a good trade.


Write Poetry

Because you were so emotional.


Write Love Letters To Crushes

And yes, they were S.W.A.K.


Read "The Babysitter's Club"

Just think of the life lessons.


Try To Dance Like Aaliyah

Remember when MTV played videos? You watched them religiously with your friends for a recess performance.


Sneak Off To Buy Candy, Because Candy Was Everything

Whether you were a city or country kid, candy was always lurking somewhere, and it was the ultimate recess goal to score some... and devour it before three o'clock dismissal.