11 Things Every Cool '90s Girl Had In Her Bathroom

The bathroom has always been a teen girl's sanctuary. It's a place for crying over broken hearts, getting away from super annoying younger siblings, and, most importantly, a test site for the latest beauty trends. Depending on your point of view, the '90s could have been either one of the coolest or cheesiest decades for beauty. Whether you considered yourself Goth or glam, we all experimented with the colors and scents that defined the '90s. But there were certain things every cool '90s girl had in her bathroom throughout the decade.

Back then, women took our beauty cues from style icons such as Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Anniston. All of the It-Girls were rocking their skinny brows, frosted highlights, and wine-colored lips while trying to keep up with Angela and her obsession with super heartthrob, Jordan Catalano. From makeup to hair products to styling tools, there were a number of bathroom items the quintessential '90s cool girl just couldn't live without. Some will make you laugh, while others will probably make you cringe. Regardless, no one will judge you if some of this stuff is still in your bathroom today (unless, of course, you're still using that crimp iron).


Crimp Iron

No cool '90s gal could leave the house without using her crimper. Because who wouldn't want their hair to look like uncooked lasagna noodles?



In the '90s, every girl wanted to get their hands on this classic cleansing cream. After all, it was the secret to Rebecca Gayheart's perfectly clear complexion.


Sea Breeze Astringent

After washing your face, this tingly astringent made sure there wasn't a single trace of oil left. Wait, isn't that a bad thing?


L'Oreal Studio Line Products

I can't remember if L'Oreal's Studio Line of hair products actually lived up to their claims, but their mod packaging and cool commercial made it a definite must-have.



So much more than an ordinary hair tie, these colorful, cotton elastics did double duty — holding ponytails in place while making a pretty awesome fashion statement.


Bath & Body Works Country Apple Products

One of Bath & Body Works' most coveted scents has since been retired, but in the '90s, everyone wanted to lather up with this sweet stuff.



These brightly-colored bins were the keepers of every '90s girl's beauty tools.


Body Glitter

Depending on how you put it on, body glitter could either make you look like you were ready for the stage or like you'd been sneezed on by a unicorn.


L.A. Looks Styling Gel

Who doesn't remember slathering on this neon-colored goop to keep those bangs standing at attention?


Gillette Sensor Razor

I'm not sure how the wide handle helped with shaving, but the cool colors looked great in the shower.


Sun In

If you used this stuff in the '90s and you weren't already blonde, you may still be trying to undo the damage of pumpkin-colored highlights.