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11 Postpartum Wardrobe Essentials

by Sarah Bunton

Every mother who has ever given birth knows the importance of a comfortable wardrobe. If you're anything like me, you probably lived in leggings or yoga pants and a dress turned over-sized shirt for the majority of your third trimester. But keeping your clothes comfortable doesn't end when baby arrives. For several months after delivery, you'll need to invest in some things every woman needs in her postpartum closet. When form, function, and fit all play a role in how you get ready for the day, your wardrobe needs to be able to multitask just as much as you do.

Aside from the fact that adjusting to your postpartum body is a whole process in and of itself, finding what works for your evolving shape can feel a bit overwhelming at times. Trust me when I say you're not alone in that regard. Every woman has thrown her hands up in defeat and worn maternity jeans on a particularly difficult day. There is absolutely no shame in that — and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. So if you're wondering how to prepare your wardrobe for the post-pregnancy life, here are a few things you need to get for your postpartum closet.


Transition Tops

There will come a point where you have to leave the house for one reason or another. When that happens, it's nice to have a top that can be dressed up or down to suit your particular occasion. This draped, wrap-style blouse ($20) from H&M is perfect for any type of occasion.


Comfortable Underwear

It doesn't matter how you gave birth: your lower body will be in pain, and certain underwear will only make things worse. Make sure to invest in undergarments that aren't too tight on your stomach and allow a little wiggle rom.


Athleisure Leggings

A chic but comfortable pair of pants, like these premium leggings ($30) from Target, are extremely versatile. You can wear them to run errands or to bring your baby to Mommy and Me class.


Pieces With Print

Dresses, tops, bottoms, rompers, you name it — it's great to have pieces with print on them. Not only does a pretty pattern look nice, but it can hide anything from spit-up to spilled coffee.


Terrific Tunics

Admittedly, I wasn't too familiar with the names for various types of tops. But when I discovered the magic that is a tunic, I was transformed. This stunning cowl-back tunic ($30) from the ASOS Curve line is an essential part of any woman's postpartum closet.


Bedtime Bra

Whether you've chosen to nurse or not, your breasts require a little TLC during that tender postpartum stage. So why not sleep in serenity while your bedtime bra supports you in ways you never knew you needed.


Power Piece

You probably wanted to feel like your pre-baby self despite your ever-changing postpartum body. I know I did. That's why my best friend told me I needed to find my "power piece" — something that makes me feel strong, sexy, and invincible. Whatever your power piece may be, you'll just know when you find it.


Boss Boots

Boots give you the panache of a pump, but with more stability. Plus, you can wear them with literally everything.


Jazzy Jumpsuits

God bless whoever invented the jumpsuit, because it's a one-stop shop for style and ease. You can even play a trick on the eyes by making it look like you are, indeed, wearing separates, like this mono leopard tie-back romper ($50) from ASOS Curve.


Silly Socks

On the particularly trying days, when you're feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, you can instantly cheer yourself up simply by looking down at a pair of silly socks.


Maternity Pants

Maternity pants are comfortable, trusty, and can be easily disguised as you average pair of jeans. My son is 3 years old, and I still have my reliable maternity jeggings tucked away in my closet — and I'm not even ashamed to admit it, either.