11 Things Happy Couples Say To Each Other Every Day

No couple has cracked the code to the perfect relationship, but some have come pretty close. Happy couples have zeroed in on some important factors that keep their life together running smooth, all while sporting a big fat smile on their love-struck faces. You don't have to search far to discover some of the secrets that happy couples incorporate into their daily life. But maintaining those good vibes goes beyond morning kisses and emotional support. While these are awesome tips, the things happy couples say to each other every day are an important part of the foundation that keep a relationship solid.

With all the distractions and responsibilities of everyday life, spending time with the person you love the most should be your happy place — and in a perfect world, things would always feel as magical as your first date. But, this isn't the perfect world, it's the real world, and in the real world, sh*t happens. Life gets complicated and relationships take more work than you think you can muster some days. The catch is, if both partners work hard, the relationship will be rewarded. And one of the benefits to that dedication is happiness.

Although it may not be easy, investing in your partner will always be worth it. If you want to show your SO how much you care, start with these 11 things happy couples say to each other every day, and enjoy all the benefits of a great relationship.


"I Love You"

A YouGov study of British couples found that over time people stop saying "I love you" to their significant other. But, just like the first time you said those three little words to one another, there is a special feeling when you hear and say, "I love you," that sets that relationship apart from the other relationships in your life.



It's a common courtesy we extend to others — even strangers — and a word couples should remember to say to one another daily. It show respect and let's your SO know that you don't take them and the things they do for granted.


"Thank You"

Much like please, "thank you," is a gracious and considerate way to express your appreciation. It's the little things like "Thank you for helping me with the laundry," that go a long way.


"How Was Your Day?"

When you see each other in the evening, take interest in what your partner's day was like. Aside from the generic (but thoughtful) how was your day?, suggested trying some of these 21 questions to ask instead. My fave: "How much coffee did you drink today?"


"Have A Good Day"

That little bit of encouragement as you are walking out the door can put a smile on your face and tells you that your SO cares.


"Good Night"

Saying "good night" to your partner may be more than good manners. As Psychology Today pointed out, it let's your loved one know that no matter what has transpired during the day, your relationship is still the most important thing.


"I'm Listening"

When you have time together, be completely present. Make sure when you're with one another, you are free of distractions such as your phone and television. Showing respect when your partner is speaking will let them know you value what they have to say.


'You Look Hot'

According to Pysch Central, compliments have a ripple effect for everyone involved. The giver of the compliment starts to appreciate more things about the other person, and the recipient feels very loved and noticed by the compliment. So think up something great to say about your love and tell them ASAP.


"I Hear You"

Beyond just being heard, people want to be understood. Validate your partner's feelings by identifying with what they are going through and offering your support. As Psychology Today defined it, "validation is the recognition and acceptance of another person's thoughts, feelings, sensations, and behaviors as understandable."


"I Forgive You"

Couples are going to disagree and argue, but it's in your best interest to learn how to forgive to keep the relationship healthy. As Mayo Clinic reported, forgiveness has many benefits, such as lessening anxiety, lower blood pressure, and higher self-esteem.


"I Appreciate You"

Expressing your appreciation is one of the most valuable things you can do for your relationship. No one wants to feel taken for granted, so letting your love know you value them helps to keep the good vibes flowing.