Experiencing These 11 Things During Sex Could Be Cause For Concern

by Lindsay E. Mack

"Yes," is a great word to cry out during sex. It can be screamed, moaned, or even whispered, as a sign that everything is great. But the second you hear, "no," something has likely gone wrong. Aside from signifying that someone is no longer giving their consent, the word "no" when uttered during sex can indicate something is physically wrong. In fact, there are several things that happen during sex that are cause for concern are important to know ahead of time.

Unfortunately, injuries related to sex are not uncommon. As reported on the website for Psychology Today, sex carries the risk of bleeding, bruising, and abrasions, like any other physical activity. For the most part, though, these issues are minor and not a huge cause for concern. In general, a couple of aspirin and some rest is all that's needed to let the body heal.

In some rare cases, though, more concerning things can happen. Sex is an important part of many people's lives, but it does not come without risk. Pulled muscles, knee pain, and even lost objects can happen to just about anyone. All you can do is be aware of the potential for problems, and hope for the best. And maybe have the number of your nearest hospital on hand just in case.


Back Problems

Sometimes bedroom athletics can lead to back trouble. As noted in the website for Women's Health, plenty of sexual positions can put a person at risk for back pain. An ice pack and over-the-counter pain medication can help relieve minor soreness from these exertions.



A little blood is not always cause for concern, because sometimes your period might show up sooner than anticipated. But if the bleeding is not related to menstruation and doesn't cease in a relatively short amount of time, then it may be time for a doctor's visit, as noted in SELF. Anything from an STI to pelvic inflammatory disease could be the cause, and it's important to get it check out immediately.


Burning Sensation

Bringing the heat is not always a good thing. According to Healthy Women, burning during sex may be caused by a condition known as vulvodynia. Getting checked out by a physician is a good call, particularly if the burning sensation makes you hesitant to have sex.



Of all the things you never want to experience, this is likely near the top of the list. According to WebMD, if you have anal sex, it is possible (but thankfully rare) to experience an anal fissure, or a tearing of the lining in there. Using plenty of lube and taking things slow can reduce this risk of tearing.



Sex headaches are a thing, because the world is unfair. For most people, sex headaches are an annoyance that does not signify any major problems, as noted by Everyday Health. But if you have any concerns about low blood pressure or other health problems, don't hesitate to see your doctor.


Knee Pain

Sure, you may need to switch positions to put less pressure on the knees. But as noted by the National Health Service, if knee pain is accompanied by a popping feeling, pain, and swelling, then a dislocated kneecap may be to blame. Basically, it's a sports injury from sex.


Lost Condom

A lost condom is not likely to cause lasting damage, but it does need to be retrieved quickly. If you or your partner cannot fish out the condom, then visit your gynecologist for assistance, as advised by WebMD. This isn't an uncommon predicament, so your doctor will know what to do.


Pain At Penetration

Does the penetration part of sex always hurt, even with sufficient lubrication? Something else may be going on. As explained by Healthy Women, a condition such as vaginismus can result in muscle spasms that make penetration painful or basically impossible. This is definitely a reason to see your doctor for help.


Penis Pain

Even penises are subject to injury. If you or your partner experiences a cracking sound followed by pain and bruising, then it may be a penis fracture, according to the Mayo Clinic. Get medical help ASAP.


Pulled Muscle

Sometimes the simple physicality of sex can lead to moments of trouble. Have you ever had to stop the action because of a charley horse? Sudden muscle cramps can be annoying. But on a more serious scale, pulled muscles can result from sex, according to the website for Cosmopolitan. For minor issues, some pain medication, rest, and ice should do the trick. If the pain is severe or lasting, though, see a doctor.


Ruptured Blood Vessels

This one might not hurt exactly, but it has a lasting effect. According to The Washington Post, a subconjunctival hemorrhage, in which the white part of an eye turns red from blood, may be caused by orgasm. It's generally harmless and will go away on its own. In the meantime, you'll have a great story to tell whenever someone asks about the redness in your eye.