11 Things That Will Give You A Stronger Orgasm

by Autumn Jones

A woman's body is a powerful thing, with built-in pleasure packs tucked in different places. Mother Nature was not joking around when she granted the female anatomy the ability to not just have orgasms, but have multiple orgasms that can go on and on and on. It doesn't matter where you currently fall on the spectrum of climaxing, just know there are always things you can try to take things to the next level. If you want to see where your amazing body can take you, indulge in some things that will give you a stronger orgasm.

Think about this: your lady parts were made to feel good. As Psychology Today reported the clitoris contains some 7,000 sensory nerve endings, "a greater concentration of touch-sensitive nerves than any other part of the body." In other words, you were built to orgasm. To top things off, there's no pause button on your pleasure. According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, women do not experience a refractory period, which is why women have the ability for multiple orgasms, and men do not.

You don't need any expensive or fancy stuff to get what your body wants. These 11 things that will give you a stronger orgasm are able to be accomplished by the time you hop into bed tonight.


Working Out

If you want to experience stronger (and more) orgasms,then it's time to let your lady parts do some heavy lifting. What pilates does for your core, squeezing and releasing your pelvic floor does for your Os. Studies have shown that women who do kegels are more likely to orgasm multiple times, according to Redbook. So do a set or two or kegels here and there throughout your day to get the party started.


Eating Chocolate

All my fellow chocolate lovers out there raise your hand, because I'm giving you a virtual high-five. Everyday Health reported on an Italian study that found women who enjoyed dark chocolate every day were more likely to report a satisfying sex life than women who did not. Load up on your fave chocolate covered treat and start pumping up those orgasms to megawatt status.


Enjoying Foreplay

Good things come to those who wait, and waiting for an orgasm can have a big pay off. Have your partner drag out foreplay and tease all your pleasure points, but not enough to climax, according to Cosmopolitan. Do this for as long as you can to build up to a major explosion when you finally can't take it anymore.


Having A Two For One Orgasm

When two of your pleasure zones join forces, it results in one very big O. Having clitoral and vaginal orgasm simultaneously makes for a good, long burn, as Women's Health magazine suggested. For best results, stick to positions that keep the woman on top.


Catching Some Zs

You may be wondering what sleeping and climaxing have to do with one another, but if you're not well rested, you could be missing out on extra pleasure. As Health Central pointed out, if you're tired, you may want to go straight to sleep after your first orgasm, but being rested will give you the energy to keep the orgasms going.


Finding Your Happy Place

Making your orgasms all they can be may require a little field research, so dive in with both hands. Try some of these tips to better orgasm through masturbation that The Health Site suggested. Learning what you like on your own leads to great orgasms by yourself, as well with your partner.


Sticking With What's Working

As the old adage says, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. According to Refinery 29, keep doing more of what it took to have the an orgasm, and you're more likely to have more follow. So when you find what sends you over the moon, no need to keep hunting for new ways to do things. Focus your energy on what's working, instead.


Passing On The Nightcap

A few drinks may have you feeling extra randy, but one more cocktail could be what's stopping you from a chart-topping O. As Cosmopolitan reported, female sexual response goes down with alcohol consumption, which means it's hard to have and sustain an orgasm. If it's stronger orgasms you're seeking, pass on that nightcap.


Training Your Brain

To up your climax game, you need to get in the right frame of mind. According to Shape magazine, the first step to achieving amazing orgasms is believing that you're capable. In order to keep your mental sex game on point, start reminding yourself daily that your orgasms are the best ever. If you believe it in your mind, your vagina will follow.


Making Time For 15

If you're looking for something extra special in the bedroom, pencil in at least 15 minutes for this burn. Follow the instructions to a 15 minute orgasm, as explained by Cosmopolitan magazine, for what could possibly be the longest stretch of pleasure you've ever experienced.


Adding Some Battery Power

There's no shame in adding a sex toy to your romp, since it could be just the thing you need to bulk up your orgasms. Check out these pleasure enhancing gadgets recommended by Shape magazine for ideas on what can work for you.