11 Things Women Who Don't Shave Really Wish You Knew

When most other young women were learning how to shave and attend to their legs, underarms, and other regions, I was a competitive swimmer. It might be reasonable to assume swimmers keep their bodies hairless but this is only true about one or two weeks a year. Once you dive into the deep end of the sport, you realize that the extra drag of leg hair is something you keep until championship season. So, I never quite picked up the knack for smooth legs and shaving cream. I’m not incapable of shaving – I do know what to do to get smooth legs. I’m not even morally or personally opposed to the idea of shaving; I just don’t care enough to actually make it part of my life.

Many women, for many reasons, choose not to shave. Some of us consciously choose to keep our body hair in places that Western culture would have you believe are better left hairless, whereas others just kinda...happen to not think about it. Like, sorry that aggressive grooming isn't at the tippy-top of every woman's to-do list. As one of those non-shaving women myself, here are some things we’d really like you to know, so that possibly you can stop looking at us like we are insane. (That would be great.) Here are 11 things women who don’t shave want you to know:

We're Sexy

News: I have been naked before. I have even been naked in the presence of other people. Do you know what happens when I take my clothes off? I'm told that I'm sexy. I'm looked at with desire and intrigue. Do you know what doesn't happen when I take my clothes off? Someone gets repulsed by the existence of my hair follicles. This is the case for two reasons: 1) I choose excellent people to get naked with; and 2) Body hair has absolutely nothing to do with sex appeal (again, assuming you're choosing to have sex with people who have a more complex and awesome view of attraction that goes beyond what porn has taught them a woman is supposed to look like).

Don't Bug Us About Ours And We Won't Bug You About Yours

Here's the thing: People who don't shave are not automatically anti-shaving advocates. Is that even a thing? I wouldn't know because I'm not one. Most people who don't shave don't care about all about anyone else's body hair (or lack thereof). Most men and women have hair. Some people have bald heads and some people have bald sexy-bits. Some women who shave date women who don't. There is a mix mash of hair and styles in the lower half of all of us — and sometimes in the northern half too — but you do what you want with yours and I'll do what I want with mine. Deal?

Shaving Is A Pain In The Ass

Ain't nobody got time for that. I'm sorry, but I can either take the time to shave my body or I can re-read The Bell Jar (or literally do anything else). I choose option two. I choose me.

Not Shaving Doesn't Mean We Hate Men

This is the stereotype I've had thrown at me most often. For some reason, people believe that a woman not shaving translates to her hating men. This is not (always) the case. I'm sure there are a few women out there who helped to spread this rumor in a fit of rage, but for the most part, shaving is a personal choice like any other and has nothing to do with any one person or a whole gender. For the record, I'm fond of men. I'm fond of women. I like people in general. And I still choose not to shave.

We're Really, Really Sexy

Just in case you didn't get the point previously, women who don't shave are extremely sexy. Do you know why? Because we are confidently ourselves and we make our own choices. There's very little sexier than that.

We Won't Steal Your Razor

One of the best perks of being in a relationship with a woman who doesn't shave is that we are not going to steal your razor. See? Leaving your stuff alone is totally sexy.

People Still Want To Sleep With Us

I know, right? Here's how I think it works: Women find other women's ability to make their own choices sexy so they want to sleep with us. Men find us sexy as a whole (I mean, there's still a lady's body under this hair) and at the end of the day, a little hair isn't going to deter them. So, we still get laid. It's kind of awesome.

I Will Never Shave For You

I do occasionally shave parts of my body. I don't do it often but it has been known to happen. But I will never shave for you, or for anyone. If I choose to put a razor to my legs or under arms or unmentionables, it's because I want to. Sorry not sorry.

We're Confident

If you've ever been a teenage girl who doesn't shave, you are confident. You have to be. Because for a solid portion of your life, you were probably teased incessently. This teasing made you face who you are and who you want to be. And guess what? You chose wisely. Good job, you.

We're Not As Cold In The Middle Of The Night

A woman who doesn't shave is less likely to steal your covers. Well, at least she won't steal them for warmth. (Well, I'd still do it just to mess with you but that's because I'm a Slytherin.)

It's None Of Your Business

The most important thing we women who don't shave would like you to know is that it's none of your business. What I choose to do or not do with my body is actually not up to you. Like, at all. So, you do you and I'll do me and if you're super lucky, we might get to do each other. But however it happens, I'm keeping my unshaved awesomeness.