11 Things You Can Do At Night To Ensure A Pleasant & Productive Morning

Mornings can be rough. Getting yourself ready for a day of meetings, errands, and social obligation is no small feat (especially if you haven’t had a cup of coffee yet.) But just because you aren't necessarily a morning person doesn't doesn't mean you can't have a pleasant, birds chirping, sun shining morning. In fact, there are a number of things to do at night to ensure a productive morning, no matter how late you stay up the night before.

For every night owl out there, there are certain steps you can take in the evening to ensure an easier, happier morning the following day. Since you’re already staying up til the wee hours, you might as well use them to your advantage. What makes mornings so stressful is being sleepy, unprepared, and rushed, so taking steps at night to manage these elements is key to enjoying your a.m. routine.

Get a good night's sleeping, prep everything you can before calling it a night, and give yourself more time than you think you need. By using your nights, a time when you're feeling more awake and relaxed, to get ahead of the game, 7 a.m. will quickly become your new favorite time of day. (Or, at least, a little more bearable.)


Check The Weather

Rain, heat, frigid cold — the weather inevitably affects our days and moods (and outfits), so checking the forecast before you go to sleep will help you prepare for the day ahead.


Prep Your Breakfast

Pre-portion out your breakfast before hitting the hay. Cut the fruit for your smoothie (or better yet, but the smoothie ingredients in the blender.) Mash the avocado for your toast. Make a big pot of oatmeal so you only need to microwave it in the morning. These little steps will make it easier for you to get out the door, and make even allow you some time to enjoy your breakfast.


Make A To-Do List

Before you go to bed, get a good idea of what your tomorrow will look like. Knowing what lies ahead will help you better plan every aspect of your morning routine, like what to wear, what to pack etc.


Eat Less At Night

Believe it or not, going to sleep with an almost empty stomach leads to a better night's rest. Eating big meals gives us energy and requires our metabolism to work to break it down, neither of which lend themselves to falling fast asleep. 


Shower And Do Your Hair

If you can, shower and do your hair at night. This way, you can wake up with ***flawless locks, saving you a good chunk of time in your morning routine.


Pack Your Lunch

And, if you have kid,s pack their lunches top. You can even go the extra step to put everything in the lunch boxes. Nothing is easier than grab and go, and effortlessness is what your morning needs.


Clean Up Your Home

Everything is easier when things are tidy, so if you know you have a hectic day coming up, make sure everything is in it's place and clean the night before. It'll make maneuvering through the morning much easier and more pleasant. 


Open The Curtains

Getting out of bed when your room is still dark and cavernous? Basically impossible. Starting the day when there's rays of sunshine shining through your window? Lovely. 


Pack Your Bag

If you try and pack everything in the morning when you're rushing out the door, chances are you'll forget something. When things are calmer at night, your less apt to leave home without your keys or your phone charger. 


Lay Out Your Entire Outfit

Plan what you're going to wear from head to toe. Lay out not only your clothes, but set aside shoes, socks, underwear and jewelry. The less thinking you have to do before you've finished your first cup of coffee, the better. 


Shut Off Screens Before Bed

You've probably heard this before, but the blue light emitted from your iPads, TVs, and smart phones seriously messes with your sleep-cycle. As NBC News reports, the light confuses your brain into thinking it's still daytime and suppresses melatonin, which leads to a bad night's sleep, which in turn leads to a sleepy morning. So if you want to have a productive a.m., make sure you're shutting down for shut eye.

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