11 Things You Can Do To Set The Mood After A Long Day

In a perfect world, you would have the time and opportunity to go on plenty of romantic getaways with your partner. But in the real world, you're lucky to get an evening alone, let alone a weekend of fun. Between work, childcare, family duties, and a thousand other demands, you might even have trouble transitioning from your normal mindset to more romantic frame of mind. However, there are plenty of things you can do to set the mood after a long day.

If you struggle with getting into the mood because your mind is still obsessing over your to-do list, there are some simple tips that can take your day from dull to romantic (and, dare I say, sexy). By adjusting your environment and mindset, you and your SO can forget the stresses of the day and transition into a pleasant, playful evening. Just lighting a few candles, enjoying a favorite snack, or putting on some sweet tunes can set the mood for your whole evening. Or you can take it to the next level by creating a little oasis to reconnect and enjoy one another's company. The effort is minimal, but the payoff can be positively electric for your relationship.

If you're trying to heat things up at home, try a few of these simple tips to set the mood after a long and arduous day.


Light Candles

It's almost impossible to overstate the romantic potential of candlelight. It's pleasant, flattering, and a world away from the bright fluorescents of an office or store. Light your bedroom with only candles and you will almost certainly relax into romance.



Think of it as beginner tantric practice. As noted in Psych Central, you and your partner can take a 20 minute break to just sit quietly together and breathe. By the time you're finished, you will both likely feel refreshed, relaxed, and reconnected.


Take A Romantic Bath

Sure, it's a bit cliched, but sharing a warm bath or shower can be very romantic. And you can even take a bit of advice from Cosmopolitan and give your partner a sensual scalp or foot massage during your steamy shower. Who knows? Maybe sudsing up will become your new favorite form of foreplay.


Listen To Sexy Tunes

Whether you're into '90s R&B or smooth jazz, few things can set the mood faster than some sexy music. Bonus tip: use a playlist or streaming service that is commercial free.


Indulge In Favorite Foods

OK, maybe not BBQ chicken. But you and your partner can share tasty aphrodisiacs such as chocolate or fresh figs, as suggested in Gayot. It may be just the thing you need to forget the rest of the day.



Dig out the bottle of massage oil you used that one Valentine's Day. You can look up info on how to give a sexy massage to your partner, as noted in Redbook, and go from there. Just remember to start with a light touch, as you aren't trying to realign a spine or anything.


Chat Together

Put away all of your phones, tablets, and other distractions. Take a few minutes to really reconnect with one another. As suggested in Women's Health, you can discuss anything from your goals to what you're grateful for that day. These little conversations can help bring you closer together, and hopefully help you get in the mood.


Dress Up

Don't make your lingerie wait for special occasions. Bust out that garter belt on a random Tuesday, and enjoy your partner's reaction. It's an easy way to mentally move from "work mode" to "play mode" in a hurry.


Chill Together First

A low-key transition activity can help you and your partner get in sync and let the day go. This might mean cuddling on the couch and watching your favorite show, or taking a slow stroll at sunset. Take a few minutes to enjoy one another's company outside the typical stresses of daily life.


Stretch It Out

OK, some couples may find this silly. But if you and your SO are the experimental sort, you can try out a few couples yoga poses to clear your minds and reconnect, as noted in Shape. At the very least, it will have you both cracking up and touching one another, so that's a good start.


Drink Up

Sharing a glass of wine is a classic aphrodisiac. But even if you don't feel like boozing it up, a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate also has its charm. There's something inherently romantic about slowly sipping a drink together.