11 Things You Can Do While Working To Have A Better Orgasm

Everyone wants to have good sex. But did you know that there are things you can do while working to help you have a better orgasm? Now, of course, that all depends on your job. I kid, sort of. To get a better handle on how what you do in the boardroom can help you climax in the bedroom, I spoke with sexpert Sophie Saint Thomas, a regular contributor to Vice, Mic, and Broadly for some tips. While I was expecting her to give me physical things to do, her suggestions were more psycho-emotional, which had never occurred to me. So, thanks, Saint Thomas.

Oh, and there are some physical things you can do as well. I've included those in this round-up for people who are adept at multi-tasking. One thing I caution against is doing anything inappropriate at the office (remember that sex scene in Secretary? Let's avoid that, k?)

While I've found that the harder I try to climax during sex, the harder it is for me to climax (get out of your head, woman), I've begun thinking about climaxing during work. Thinking about the big O in between work tasks is pretty fun. Way better than an extra cup of coffee when I'm in an afternoon slump. With that in mind, here are 11 things you can do at work to have a better orgasm at home.


Take Care Of Work While At Work

"Be present, get sh*t done, and when you leave your office for the day, leave work behind," says Saint Thomas. Oh, easier said than done. But I can try. I'm super ambitious, but good, no, make that GREAT sex is an sweet incentive to stick to that 9 to 5 schedule.


Whether Your Work Day Is Productive Or Not, Focus On The Moment

There are times when I feel like a complete failure at work. I screw something up and it (temporarily) seems like the world is about to end. Saint Thomas says that whether you have a bad work day or a productive one, once you leave the office, buh-bye for the night. However, she urges you to do your best to have a productive day. Why? "If you have a productive day at work, you can leave it behind so when you get home to your partner you're able to focus just on you two and your orgasm, without dangling deadlines, missed appointments, or stressful meetings clogging your brain space while you're boning." I can totally relate. To all the bosses out there, how's that incentive for increasing productivity?


Do Kegels At Your Desk

According to Cosmopolitan, Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles that contract when you have an orgasm. Strengthening them doesn't just feel good to your partner — it helps you achieve a more satisfying climax. Just hold and release your pelvic floor muscles while you're cleaning out your inbox. Simple, effective, and guaranteed results.


Insert Pleasure Beads At Work

This might be a little Fifty Shades of Grey, but pleasure beads, like the LELO LUNA Love Beads above, are ideal for giving your pelvic floor muscles a workout, without you doing much of anything. You can leave them up there for up to 30 minutes. And just as the beads turned on Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey, doing something "covert" and "naughty" can help you climax better when you're home.

LELO LUNA Love Beads ($59)


Send A Steamy Text

While you don't want to write anything too, um, explicit over email (not on the company server, people), that doesn't mean you can't send a steamy text during the work day to get your S.O. hot and bothered. That way, when it's quitting time, you're both primed for action. Oh, and if you're shy about asking what you like while in the act, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Type and you shall receive.


Skip Happy Hour With Coworkers

If you want to have a mind-blowing orgasm (who doesn't?), Dr. Laura Berman told Everyday Health that alcohol can numb the sensations of your big O. Per Berman's recommendation, keep it to one glass for maximum sensation.


Take A Noon Exercise Class

Berman reported that healthy circulation is ideal for an intense orgasm. Not only does exercise decrease stress, it can make sure your blood's flowing in all the right places, so by 6 p.m. you are ready to have amazing sex that will end with a big O. **For an EXTRA mind-blowing O, take an exercise class while wearing your LELO LUNA Love Beads.


Keep A Pic Of Your S.O. At Your Desk

According to sex and relationship therapist Kimberly Sharky, one of the principles of tantric sex is to appreciate your partner. She told Refinery29 that people should "really look at your partner." I know she means during sex, but prolong that foreplay by staring at your S.O. for intense but short periods of time during your workday.


Take Out Some Time To Appreciate Your Body

During the work day, rather than scrutinizing your flaws in the office bathroom, (gotta love that fluorescent lighting), try looking at yourself and giving your body some props. This work day self-talk can have long lasting effects... in the bedroom. When you're feeling good about your physical self, Cynthia Lief Ruberg, a sexual counselor and sex therapist, told Everyday Health, you will have better orgasms. Don't just wait until you're ready to go. Practice the mindset while at work, you know, so you can get into formation.


Load Up On Aphrodisiacs For Lunch

Want an easy way to get in the mood to climax? Skip the Starbucks egg salad sammie, and instead, load up on aphrodisiacs. Here's a guide to foods that will jumpstart your libido. Think of lunch as edible foreplay, all gearing up to that intense release that awaits you when you get home.


Send A Sexy Selfie

This can be tricky based on workplace protocol, but that also can make this sexy "work" task all the more fun. Of course, a good O is no reason to put your career in jeopardy. But if you can figure out how to make a tasteful-yet-sexy selfie happen, it's another way to prolong foreplay. Delaying gratification is a tantric basic, according to Marie Claire's tantric sex guide. Plus, from personal experience, the sexier I feel, the more likely I am to let loose, and a sexy selfie helps get me there.

Now go forth and have a mind-blowing orgasm like the boss you are. After a long day's work, you deserve it.